Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday!

I’m home today with my girl! We have a big day planned of some shopping & then heading out to my Moms. She and Layla are off to find us a camping spot! My step dad will meet them later and Ben and I will head up tomorrow morning.  
Tonight we are going to the wedding of this beautiful couple!
 (Totally straight up stolen from her facebook!) Dustin and Michelle! Ben works with Dustin and we are so excited to see these two get married! & it’s at a gorgeous winery on a huge hill! Slightly bummed I can’t drink all the wine. But the Hub’s can get sloshed!
Have a fabulous long weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh Hey!

Holy Blogging Break! Here’s what we’ve been up too since the baby announcement.  
  • We went on Vacation! We didn’t end up going anywhere, I was still not feeling 100% so we planned a little day trip and spend 3 glorious uninterrupted days with just the 3 of us!
  • Layla turned 4! OMG! It’s still hard to believe and I think I’ve been telling her that a lot. The other day on a drive to my Momma’s she said isn’t it so weird Mommy? & I’m like what? That I’m already 4? How did that happen?! Yes, silly girl it is weird!
  • We went to Palouse Falls on her actual birthday and randomly ran into Ben’s BFF from high school and his wife! So crazy! They live just over the WA border in Oregon and just decided to drive up.
  • At Palouse Falls it was close to 100! So F-ing hot! We went on a hike to get closer to the water and I seriously thought I was going to die! After we made it to the water and start the death hike back I literally almost asked Ben to just all an ambulance. As soon as our friends drove away I might have started crying like a huge baby. I must have forgotten I’m pregnant and haven’t hiked in forever.
  • My Dad and Step mom Brenda came up for 7 days and spoiled the heck out of us! My dad cooked for me almost every day and Bren did our laundry and cleaned my house J It’s hard to survive now that they are gone.
  • We had Layla’s birthday party! Which got a huge damper put on it by my older brother calling my Dad about an hour before and letting him know he hates him… Um, what! Thanks Eddie. But we had fun regardless and Layla had a blast. We invited her entire Pre School class and only 1 kid showed up. Bummer, but it was over a 3 day weekend and another little girl had a party the same day.
  • I had my 12 week NT ultrasound! I love seeing the baby hanging out! Ben couldn’t make it (he had a interview to move up in his Co.) and he missed hearing the first heartbeat. But I got some sweet pictures and poked 5 times to get blood.
  • 2 nights ago I totally felt Baybee #2 rocking out! I guess 2nd time moms feel it sooner? Anyone agree with this? It was def the baby! Seriously best feeling ever!
  • One more thing pregnancy related, I am experiencing some serious pregnancy rage! I am so short and pissy with people! Do not look at me wrong cause I might rip your face off! It seems to be the worst at work. I’m training a new person right now and I bet she thinks I hate her and am the biggest bitch. Hormones are evil.
& some random pictures of lately. Yes the last row middle is the baby bump I am already rockin! #ithappenedwaytofastthistime

Monday, August 13, 2012


I made that in MS Paint! Pretty impressive! This is why I have been gone for so long. I have been so sick! All day sickness kicks my ass! It is better then with Layla (I lost 20lbs & was hospitalized 3 times!) but it still really sucks. And I think the heat makes it a tad worse.
But enough complaining cause we are over the moon excited!

We got a surpise ultrasound on Friday!! Here's the little baby!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Working on this:

We did end up going with the park I talked about here. So now I get to stress about possibly not getting the covered party area, along with the weather, crafting 1800 things and everything else that goes into a party.

But once we get to party day, everything will work out or get tossed and she'll have the best time ever! I cannot believe my tiny 5lb baby is almost 4!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Ben!

I've been gone forever! I do have a really good excuse, but I'm not ready to go into it yet.

Anyways! Today is my favorite guy's 29th Birthday!!! How are we almost 30?!

Some Birthday facts about Benjamin:

• He's the funniest person I know.

• He remembers everything, well most things. If it has to do with dates or plans I'm making he's a normal guy and forgets. But movie quotes, something I wore in the 10th grade? He's got it.

• He doesn't like to drive. Especially if were on a road trip going fast on a freeway, he doesn’t like going 70+ mph with his family in the car.

• He has a WOO that he does a concerts that's kind of famous

• He's had a beard since we were 19, he shaved it once and I cried.

• He's a really good guitar player. Any free time he has it's in his hands and he is playing Layla and I music.

• His goofy songs about whatever Layla and I are doing at the moment are the best.

• About a year ago he decide he wanted a piano he found a free one on Craigslist brought it home and the next day he knows like 5 songs. Crazy musically talented.

• He's a night owl

• He is the best Dad, like whoa! He was so worried about being a good dad and he just rocks it naturally.

Happy Birthday Benjamin Luke! Layla has promised to sing you Happy Birthday no less than 7 times today! We love you bunches!