Monday, January 31, 2011

Craigslist Find

I am now the proud owner of this little pretty:


I have been stalking Craigslist for awhile now looking for a small loveseat for the family room. When I saw this one I called, emailed and texted the guy... I bet he thinks I'm crazy. Oh well it's mine now. Eventually going to be a reupholstering project.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday & Painted Wall Paper!

The family room is so close to being finished! One wall needs one more coat and I have another half wall I need to finish doing this to:

I have been dying to do a stencil on a wall and then a few days ago I ran across Jones Design Company's Blog. And fell in love! Emily blogged about this and even posted a template. I did mine a little easier  different and am loving it!  I am hoping to finish the other little wall tonight and get a second coat on it all. I'll let you know the details next week.

Here's a  picutre of the other wall, and it's finally finshed!!!

I'm linking up to:

The DIY Show Off

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Followers & a Comment!

It's my lucky day!!! And I feel the pressure!

We are painting our basement family room right now (well more like I'm painting it). I finally just went with the last color we had retinted and the more I stare at it the more I like it. I made Ben walk out of the room, then come back in with his eyes closed, open them and give me his first thought. This was a few nights ago but I think he said he liked it. Here are some bad pictures of it.

On the right side of the pic, paneling I painted white! Loves it!

I think it looks brown-er in person. The brick you see over there is from where a wood stove used to be, I normally keep it covered. Below in the picture is more of the paneling I recently painted white. WHAT a difference!

So there are these two little walls on both sides of the brick and I am thinking about doing a stencil, like painted wallpaper... And I need all of this done by Feb. 11th cause my Dad and Step mom Brenda will be here for 6 days. The guest room and our main TV is in this area and I want it to look and feel homey. I also have some closet doors I need to paint and the house needs to be spotless. Agh, I always take on way to much at once.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Painting more things white & a Elephant

Now that I can post pictures again I have a few things to show. And my name is Krista and I am obsessed with Elephants. I want to buy everyone I see and have more then a few in my house.

First off here's a bad picture of my lamp with a new shade. I'm liking it but wishing it was bigger. It's gray, I'm thinking about maybe hot gluing some black ribbon around the edges or just making it black all together. And my cute little white bird, you'll see more of him in a minute.

Here is a cute little Owl that I painted. He was owl colors and .59 cents.

My cute little bird, this guy came white, i think he was a $1.00

I've been looking for a plate or dish to put on our entryway table to toss our keys in. Everything was expensive and not really what I wanted. So I found this leaf at Goodwill (I think) it was $1.99 so I scooped him up. Once I got home and got ready to paint it I noticed it was from Pier One.

And painted white, chilling on the entryway table:
(My keys, with a elephant key chain...)

And my lovely little Elephant, I am in a white stage! I am crazy drawn to it for some reason. Anyways this came from Ross and I couldn't pass him up!

So freaking cute!

I put up a few Valentine’s Day decorations this weekend that I will post later this week, not much but it is still January.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Round Up & Another Thrift Store Find

Weekend Round Up:

This weekend was busy but restful!

Friday: We didn't do much, went to dinner and Home Depot to pick out paint for the family room then home to put Layla Bean to bed. I painted a little in the family room. Right now there is paneling on the bottom half of two walls so I've been painting that and the trim white. It looks a million times better! I always hated paneling but there's something about the painted paneling I really like. It's a freaking pain to paint though.

Saturday: Ben went with a bunch of friends to pick up a free piano we have recently acquired! Layla and I went to Target and I got a new lamp shade for my lamp I posted about last week. Then we ran home then back into town for a birthday party for our friends little boy Braxton, he turned 1! It was at a Chucky Cheese type place and Layla had a blast! Then back home to drop the kiddo off with Daddy and back into town to Ross for a mirror (and an elephant!) and back to Home Depot to get the paint from the night before tinted darker. (I still don't like the color, it's too dark now. Maybe 3rd times a charm) The first shade was too yellow/oatmeal colored. Ok well maybe Saturday wasn’t restful. But after Layla went to bed, Ben and I played a lot of Donkey Kong on Wii. Anyone have this game? It is hard! But a lot of fun!

Sunday: We went grocery shopping, cleaned and watch football! I also deep cleaned my car! OMG it looks amazing!

Ok and here is another find from Monday. I'm in a painting everything white stage, I have a lot of black in my house and I like the way the white looks with it. This is hanging in my bedroom where the walls are a really dark gray (Dark Ask to be exact)

At first I thought I would take the flower thing out of there but then it grew on me.

Kind of fuzzy but that's a $2.99 price tag plus the whole store was 50% off

Getting a coat of white spray paint!

Ahh so pretty!

Have a fabulous Monday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love Lamp!

I really really love this lamp I picked up at a Thrift Store on Monday. I had MLK Jr. day off so Layla and I went to pick up Uncle Eddie and do some thrift store shopping! Our first stop was the Teen Thrift Store where the whole store was 50% off! I think I spend $5.42 and my lovely lamp was $2.50! Anyways, he needs a new shade really bad so don't judge that, but here he is :)

Really needs a new shade, I'm thinking black...

Up close

Another one

And another one of the bamboo detail.

Sigh, I love it! Since I've taken my Christmas decorations down my house feels empty, my pretty massive lamp helps with that. Doing a quick Google search I think it's from the 1970's and the style is called Hollywood Regency. I couldn't find any things exactly like mine (most were smaller) but similar ones are selling close to $800.00!? Holy! I big heart him though and I was really surprised that Ben liked him too! 

I'm still having camera issues, so I'm going to break my thrift store finds post up a bit. 

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have bunch of things to post about, but I can't get any of my pictures to upload.... I will be back with some thrift store finds, a extra day off with Layla and more!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday & Weekend Round Up!

Happy Monday!!! Our Monday started out not so great... Ben locked is keys in his truck Friday evening. Luckily it was in the driveway and we don't normally take the truck anywhere on the weekends. So this morning he goes to open the back slider and get his keys and it was so cold outside that when he tried to push it open it shattered. Agh, if it's not one thing it's another. Poor guy had to drive to work this morning  without a window and it was about 3 degrees.

Anyways, our weekend round up:

Friday Evening: Aprill, Josh and the girls came over. We had pizza and let Layla and Kayla run around like crazys. They left around 8pm and we got lil Miss in bed. Then just chilled, I was tired after a long week.

Saturday: Woke up fairly early, got some chicken in the crock pot for pulled chicken sandwiches. I went into town to pick up my bother. Around 1pm my Mom, Tom and step sister Ashley came over. We set up in the family room to watch an AMAZING Seahawks game! Later our family friend Joe came over then after the game our friends Toby and Becca stopped by too. It was a busy day!

Sunday: We cleaned a bit and went grocery shopping. Super, exiting day.

Now it's the work week and I am going to paint the family room. I am a after the kiddo goes to bed warrior! Anyone every taken left over paint back to Home Depot to have it tinted a different color? I have a lot of some off white paint I'd like tinted darker.... Why buy new paint when I already have it? I'll post befores maybe tomorrow and afters whenever it's done.
Happy Week!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cool Website!

Happy Friday Blog World! I am so ready for the weekend! Tonight our friends Aprill and Josh and their girls Kayla and Maddie are coming over for pizza and fun! Layla and Kayla (rhyming names are so cool!) are Bestie’s and Layla is going to freak when they show up! I’ve said this before but they are 6 weeks apart and it’s been amazing watching them go from little baby bumps to sitting up with each other to now running and playing together! Tomorrow we are having my Mom, Step Dad Tommy and his daughter (my step sister I guess… Long story but she’s just recently come into our lives) over to watch the Seahawks play in the PLAYOFFS!!!! I don’t know how it happened but yes, we are in the playoffs! Bad news, were playing the Saints and I doubt were going to win but it’s exciting anyways and I love any opportunity to entertain!

Anyways, I was somewhere online awhile back and read something about this website the Foundary. I have yet to buy anything from them but I love looking at their goods! This is from their FAQ’s

What is the Foundary?

the Foundary is your source for daily indulgence in coveted home essentials at up to 70% off retail. Every day, Foundary members receive an email with new sales events featuring products to shape their homes- all at unprecedented savings.

Sales Events

How many sales events are offered per week?

New sales are announced daily. Each announcement includes 4-7 different events, offering selections of products from a variety of home living categories.

When do sales events start?

Foundary sales events typically start at 11 a.m. EST. There are some exceptions, which are announced via email and on the Foundary website.

How long do sales events last?

The majority of Foundary sales events last 3 days (72 hours), though some events may run as long as 5 days (120 hours)

I get really excited to get their email every day! Also I am a nut for bulldogs and they are all over this site! So you have to sign up but it’s free and they email you great deals everyday! Simple!

Have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today is my Monday; I was out yesterday with a sick Layla Bean. Were in the middle of a Air Stagnation Situation and it's really messing with her. When I picked her up from school Wednesday I took her to urgent care, another bout of steroids. Thursday morning she still wasn't better so we went to see her normal doctor they didn't have much to say just that we weren't giving the steroids enough time to work. Okay... She can't breathe... Give us something that works faster then. Anyways the weekend was spent at home, doing breathing treatments every 4 hours. It's like having a newborn again. Sunday she still wasn't 100% and with her new daycare not really knowing the ends and outs of her asthma yet, I kept her home.

Now it’s back to work training a new employee! Have a great day!