Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

Busy weekend ahead of us! First off, growing up in the Arm Pit of California (Fresno) I can't remember a time not being able to swim. It was/is so freaking hot there my childhood was always in a pool, river, lake, slip in slide tarp (yeah I was cool) some sort of water! A few weeks ago when we took Layla to the Aquatic Center and she was timid in the pool and not having a great time, my heart sank. I love being in the water and wanted her to love it too...

Flash forward two weeks later and after her first week of swim classes, my girl is HOOKED! And I could not be more proud! (She actually had a fit today when she realized she didn't have a swim class)

Look at those ice cream scoops & leg kicks!

Loving the water!

And since tomorrow is Ben's birthday party (actual b day is Aug. 2nd) Here's one of the signs I made for the tasting tables. I can't remember if I saw this somewhere and made my own/copied it or if I was a genius and thought of it myself!

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swim Class!

The next two weeks (Monday-Thursday) will be busy with swim classes for Layla. Last night was our first class! She was pretty shy at first which is so not my kid, but she warmed up and had a lot of fun!

Layla's the little girl on the left.

I also met some really sweet parents too. One Mom asked me how do you spell Layla, I told her and she said "Awesome, just like the greatest song in the world!" Haha Yup! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick Makeover

I bought this little bar cart at the yard sale about a month ago. I think I paid $2.00. It was ugly but I wanted a little extra storage outside. I think someone made it with pvc pipe...

Here's the before:
Ohhh hunter green! Loves it!

And after:
Hello, Baby Layla & Baby Daisy.

Totally not gold.

I wanted it metallic gold and made a special trip to get the spray paint. BUT the paint I bought was not gold, it was very silver... WTF. Oh well I went with it, and it turned out cute

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Summer is in full swing in the Inland Northwest!!! And we are busy bee's!

This little Miss, moved from the Toddler Class to Preschool yesterday!

It's been hot so I broke out the Ice Cream Ball! Added some fresh Raspberries from our plant!

And last weekend we went to a beautiful wedding for our friends Adam & Jessica! Here's a little impromptu family picture!

It was HOT! Excuse the red faces.

Party planning is still in full swing, Ben's beer tasting birthday party (Idea from here!) is next Saturday! Wow! I have a lot to do! Layla's 3rd Blue Bubble Birthday is just a little less then a month away and my bbf's Mad Hatter Tea Party Bridal Shower is just two short weeks after that! And that's not even the half of it! Sprinkle in a few more birthday's, lots of shopping, family visiting for a week, bbq's, swim lessons and lots more! I love how the summers just fill up and keep you busy!