Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out of Town...

So we made the decision to go to Missoula MT. this weekend for our 4th wedding anniversary! Layla is going to go to Nana & Papa's and we'll head over Friday night. We are so lucky to have my Mom so close by and she and my Step Dad always want some Layla time. My older brother Eddie will be staying at our house to watch Elmer Dog, so all the kids are taken care of!

Were not sure what we want to do while were there but there are 3 brewery's we want to check out. Bayern BreweryKettle House,  and Big Sky Brewery. Other then that we want to eat out and sleep in! And then get up early on Sunday and rush home to our Layla Bean!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Roundup

I haven’t been doing much around the house lately. Besides keeping it clean, I have just been hanging out. I think it’s the weather. Anyways here’s my uneventful weekend:
Friday: After work we met at home and then went to Super Cuts to get Layla’s bangs trimmed and Ben’s hair cut. Then we went to Red Robin for dinner and home since it was bath time. After the kiddo went to bed I laid on the couch and half way watched a movie with Ben.
Saturday: We got up fairly early and got ready for Layla’s pictures, she was a bear! But as soon as she got in front of the camera she turned the charm on and was a perfect little lady! After that we went home for nap time, and Ben and I worked in the yard. We have a bunch of pine trees in our yard so we raked a truck bed full of pine needles. (Look at the picture above, our house is surrounded by them) When Layla got up we went to Target and I bought a bunch of stuff we really didn’t need. Layla got a pillow pet! The Unicorn one. It’s so cute and so amazing soft!

Then we headed home and drove around our neighborhood for a bit. After Layla went to bed Ben went and got us two Red Box movies. How do you know and Cyrus. I did not like either of them and we only made it though about half of both of them. I did enjoy some freshly squeezed Greyhounds though!

Sunday: A usual Sunday for us, we went to lunch at Waddell’s (you might have caught this on Diners, Drive In’s and Dives a few weeks ago March 14th I think...) We’ve been there a bunch and are so excited they are now nationally known! They totally deserve it! (We have the episode saved since one of the guys Ben works with is in it!) Here’s a picture of him there:

Later we went grocery shopping and just hung out. I made a killer stew for dinner and we watched Despicable Me. Super cute movie! (We are a little behind on our movie watching). This coming weekend we are throwing around the idea of going to Missoula MT. for our 4th wedding anniversary (April 6th) but we haven't made a for sure decision yet.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Saturday!!!

We are taking Layla to get some spring pictures taken today! I can't wait! And I am working on our taxes. I've been a major slacker about them this year. Tonight I hope to lounge with some Saturday night HGTV and maybe a movie with the Hubs! Have a fabulous day!

Friday, March 25, 2011


It's rainy here today, after a few sunny days in the 50's this week. I have been thinking about my backyard a lot lately, when we bought the house last year I fell in love with the back deck. Or decks I guess, it's 4 levels and massive! Here's a picture of it taken last spring:

(That's the sellers white table and chairs)
(Also the hot tub is currently broken... Agh and it's old so it's about to take about $600.00 to get it working again.)

Anyways as you can see it needs some love, but it's huge and with all the different levels there's a lot that could be done. Now the weather just needs to cooperate and we could start working on it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Friday evening my Mom and I left her class and headed to Ikea. After close to 2 hours in crazy traffic and rain we made it! I didn't buy much but I did get bedding for Layla's big girl bed (which is still hanging in the garage) So here's the duvet cover & pillow case for $9.99:
I also got her a down comforter and sheets all for just over $21.00! The duvet is super pretty and girly and it will look great with the green walls! Now I just need to paint the frame and get a twin matress... Almost there!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost the Weekend!

My weekend starts today at Noon! I can't wait! My Mom and I are headed to Seattle for S H O P P I N G! Our favorite sport! My Mom has a class for work that she has to attend tomorrow so I will get to sleep in and have some alone shopping time. We'll be back on Saturday but it was pretty hard to say goodbye to these two:
(Yes, she is sitting on top of our car. But Ben is right there.)

I have a Ikea shopping list all ready to go, the closest one to us is 4hrs away so any time I get over there I have to go, I also hope to check out the new Z Gallerie in Redmond and just spend some time with my Mom!

Oh my gosh and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

From That to This!

Happy Friday! I took some quick pictures of the painted stairs, I am so happy with them!!

So here's the before:

The top set

The bottom set
I had first thought this carpet was original to the house (1979) but after I ripped off the carpet I saw lots of pieces of dark red carpet... I'm thinking the whole house had dark red carpet. Gross.


And After (for now)

I still need the trim on the sides and backs and add a runner (no luck at Big Lots) but they feel so much better! You would never know that they were particle board!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can’t wait for Spring!

I think the spring bug has hit just about everyone lately! It’s rainy and cold here today and I just can’t help thinking about evenings on the back porch, Layla swinging, throwing the ball for the pooch and working on this guy:
I’ve already introduced Trent Taylor the tent trailer but my Mom and I were talking last night and she got me so excited about camping this year! Almost as excited as I am to bring this guy home he is currently hanging at my Mom’s house; my stepdad was nice enough to build him a lovely lean-to so he’s out of the weather, they have 5 acres so are always storing something for me or my brother. Anyways bring him home and give him some love! I mentioned we bought him at the end of last summer for $400.00 and I have quite a few projects lined up! Painting the cabinets, new fabric on EVERYTHING, a new kitchen table and countertops, new curtains and just about everything else. He’s pretty ugly right now and we plan to have him for quite awhile so he definitely needs a lot of love!
On to something else, I am so ready to have the stairs done! I can’t find a runner and it’s bugging the hell out of me! This morning I have been Googling making my own, out of like drop cloths or something… It’s not looking too promising maybe it the stairs weren’t so high traffic. I’m going to check Big Lots today at lunch and see what they have. I got a fairly large orange and white stripped rug there a few weeks ago for $9.00. It’s worth a shot. Their website says they have rugs from $3.-$12.!
Wow this turned into a big rambling post! Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait! I will have some more pictures of the stairs, I finished painting and they are ready bedsides the runner! Ben loves them! Did I tell you he didn’t like it when I first took the carpet off? He was scared! I love when he’s nervous about something then it turns out rockin!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Another Random Post, I haven't done one of these in awhile.

  • I am thisclose to having the stairs finished. Well mostly finished, I still need a runner but I can't find one that I love more the this one and at $25.00 each and needing 3 of them I just can pull the trigger.
  • My older Brother Eddie turned 30 last Sunday! I can't believe it! I remember thinking he was so old at 25 now I'm past that... Anyways he's having a get together at our house this Saturday. It should be fun.
  • I am having a hell of a time finding someone to paint a tree on Layla's wall, I think I am just going to do it. I'm going to google some trees and see what I can find. It can't be that hard. (I hope)
  • The Foundary  has some super cute Melissa and Doug kids toys today! I really like the cupcakes that you can decorate with dry erase markers!
I think that's it! Have a great Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mirror Re Do

I bought this mirror at a thrift store awhile ago, I forgot a before so I found this one online. It looks just like this but a little bigger and with out the candle part. As soon as I saw it I thought it would be perfect painted pink and in Layla's room! It was $2.99.

Very lovely gold.

Here's the after. It look about 5 light coats to get it the pink I wanted.
 You can also see the green of Layla's walls in these photos!

I hung it low for her, and she loves it! She was instantly in front of it saying "Hi Layla!" and fixing her hair!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stair Progress!

Good Monday Morning! I have progress on the stairs!!! Not much but a little bit is going a long way! Friday night Ben and I painted the trim and back of the stairs white.

Here's a good before that shows the ugly dark drown trim on the sides of the stairs and the very rough looking backs of the stairs.
Gross! That ugly brown trim is everywhere in my house.

Ahhh here is the after, with nice white trim and white backs of the stairs! It's actually Sliver Leaf which as I've said before is white in my house.

Saturday night Ben went into town to see a band play so I painted a few of the stair tops (I think they are called treads) I only painted every other one since I still have to use the stairs and I needed to stand on one to paint another one. So here's the after with the treads black!

My little helper at the top. I can't believe the difference this is making! I only painted the top set since Ben didn't have time to tape off the bottom set. I hate taping. Tonight I am hoping to get the other ones painted on these and every other one stair on the bottom ones. By Thursday I am hoping to have them all painted and ready for poly!

Also, any tips on mobile blogging? I tried to do it Saturday and it posted to some random blog...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Every time I finish painting a room in our house I think I am so much closer to having this house all painted!!! But not really, even after it's done I'll want to change something. (Ben loves this...) Anyways here's a break down of all the rooms we've painted and what we still have left to do or change.

Living Room (or main living area): When we moved in this had recently been painted... Nacho Cheese colored...
Here's a picture just after we moved in. (Rockford the fireplace) That color was the first color to cover up. We painted Silver Leaf over it, which I had hope for a off white but looks just white...
Yeah it looks completely different on my walls...

Kitchen: The kitchen was a weird brown color with very dark brown cabinets. We painted the cabinets Black (Ebony by Behr) and the walls Dolphin Fin again by Behr. I love this color, it looks almost lavender gray.
But I have recently decided that I want my kitchen to be green. Maybe I'll move this color down to the guest room.

Master bedroom: I posted about this awhile ago but it's Dark Ash by Behr. Wow most of my colors are Behr but I rarely buy Behr paint, I normally have it color matched into Home Depot's Speed Dry it runs about $11.00 a gallon.
I really like this color, I think it's sexy.

Layla's Room: Tinkerbell, which I just posted about.

Downstairs: Family Room: It's a Greige color that I can't show a picture of since I had it mixed about 5 times. It started as a Martha Stewart color but I can't remember what it was.
It looks gray here, but it's really not. The white is the Silver Leaf that I had left over from the upstairs.

Guest Room: Is white... Our sellers left all of their paint and they had almost of full gallon of white paint. This is the smallest room in the house and after we moved in I just wanted to get 1 room close to finished. It was hideous with very dark paneling now it's bright and white.

Still to Paint:
  • 3 bathrooms (upstairs, master and guest)
  • Play Room (another all paneling room with red carpet)
  • Kitchen again
  • Stairs

    I did nothing on the stairs last night. We went grocery shopping and then I just wanted to relax. Oh wait I did measure them to know how long of a runner I was going to need. 10 foot by the way. I think I will just get a few smaller ones and make it work, way cheaper.