Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I thought I would post a wrap up of 2010 but then I thought, I’ve already wrote one of those… In my Christmas Letter! So below is our Christmas letter, I have sent one out to friends and family since we had Layla so this was my 3rd year. They are fun, and they give distance family a chance to see what we are up too. I try to include a family picture but this year I wasn’t feeling it so I tossed in Layla’s Santa picture.


Hello, friends and family! Can you believe it’s already almost 2011 and that Ben and I will celebrate our 10 year high school reunion this coming June? It's hard for us to believe as well.

2010 has been a very busy year for us. We sold our first home, bought a new, larger home with room for Layla to run, went on some fun trips, and stepped into the "Terrible Two's" with Layla!

The beginning of the year was spent hurriedly getting our first home ready for showings, which also required constantly cleaning up after a very curious toddler. In April, Ben and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, and, shortly after, we received a full price offer on our little home! We quickly accepted and got down to business finding our family a new home.

Our searched ended in May, when, after looking at 5 houses in the few hours available after work and getting dangerously close to Layla’s bedtime, we went to look at our final house of the evening. We had previously looked at another house in the same neighborhood, but it was a case of love the neighborhood, hate the house, so we didn't have very high expectations. We were pleasantly surprised when we drove up and saw the exterior of the home, and once we went inside it only got better! I was over the top excited and Ben quietly walked around and took it all in. After going home and putting the kiddo to bed, we both agreed that it was the "one”! We wrote up an offer the following day and it was quickly accepted! On May 20th, we closed escrow on both houses, old and new, and began moving in! It came complete with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a lot of paint work to do! The previous owners were pretty fond of nacho cheese colored paint apparently! We also lucked out in that the house is on a large lot, with a three story back deck, and is surrounded by protected land filled with lots of big beautiful pine trees. We couldn't be happier.

Our summer was filled with painting, decorating, and getting settled in our new home. We took a week off of work in August to celebrate Layla’s 2nd birthday and to spend time with my Dad, Brenda and Angel, who had come up for a visit! Layla had a fantastic "Abby Cadabby" themed birthday party, surrounded by lots of friends and family. While they were here, we also took my Dad and Brenda to a pre-season Seahawks vs. Packers game in Seattle. Unfortunately, we lost to Dad’s team, but it was still a lot of fun!

In October, Ben and I took Layla on her first road trip to Seattle! It was her first time staying in a hotel, and we all got to experience the Seattle Aquarium together. Our good friends Keith and Heidi came down from Bellingham to spend a day with us and we went shopping at my favorite store, Ikea! It was a great trip and Layla loved every minute of it.

November brought on some big steps for Layla, she started Preschool! We picked a very nice Christian church preschool that is fully accredited thru kindergarten, and she has already started bringing home beautiful crafts for us. Our little social butterfly handled the transition perfectly!

And now, here we are, in December. We can't wait for Layla's 3rd Christmas with us, every year we're amazed by how much she has grown! We're looking forward to a month filled with fun, friends, family, and of course, snow! We hope 2010 has been exciting and eventful for you as well, and send our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

The Matthews Family
Ben, Krista & Layla

Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Snow Pictures

I am at home today with an asthmatic kiddo. We went to urgent care last night and while her vitals looked good she was just wheezy and working a little harder then normal to breath. Headed to a follow up appt in about an hour. But here are some snow pictures from last night and one of me and Layla with red eyes! Up every 4 hours for breathing treatments is not fun. 

My little tree outside work, when I first got to work. 

My little tree when I was leaving work. 
Our mailbox! 

Layla & Me

I know a lot of people of snow way way worse then us, but I love it and just like taking pictures of it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I need too…

Take Christmas down…. But I keep going back and forth about leaving it up thru Friday. Were having another couple over Friday night for steak, crab, mashed potatoes, broccoli and garlic cheddar biscuits. I can’t wait. Oh and Champagne lots of Champagne!

Also, the Hubs and I had lunch together today. I love seeing him in the middle of my work day! It makes the day much better! Anyways my brother is turning 30 on March 6th. I can’t believe it! Were tossing around the idea of a Vegas trip… Know of any good deal sites? I’m thinking a Thursday evening until a Monday morning. And we’d like to stay downtown at the Golden Nugget if possible. And see a Cirque du Soleil show.

Have a beautiful Tuesday! Weather report says 3-5 inches of snow tonight and another 6-10 tomorrow! You know that makes me giddy!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wow, it’s been awhile.

How time flies when you are ridiculously busy. Or you were ridiculously busy then you get some free time and all you want to do it chill! The Ugly Sweater Holiday Party went off without a hitch! It was a lot of fun, I was exhausted and as soon as the last guest left I went straight to bed. My amazing Hubs cleaned most of the house for me and it was a great surprise to wake up too! My pictures didn’t turn our very well; I think I am going to look into a picture taking course. It’s hard for me to capture the moment. I will post them very soon though.

So to catch you up! The 18th was the party, Ben and I had a pretty relaxing day since I had gotten most of the party ready during the week. We got up and went and saw the movie Due Date. Way funny! The party came and went. Sunday we hung out with Layla and who was insanely grumpy! Around 5pm we fought with her to go to our really good friends get together. Finally she was in the car with her new Yo Gabba Gabba DVD and doing much better. When we got to Robert & Dana’s house for our after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving she turned into a completely different kid! She was happy, friendly and had a great time! We had some amazing food and it was great to see a bunch of friends! Monday Ben and I had the day off so we got to spend extra time with the Princess. When she went down for a nap I braved the crowds and finished up my Christmas shopping for Ben. The res t of the week was pretty uneventful.

Christmas Eve, Ben had the day off so he got to sleep in and hang with Layla. So jealous! I had to work but only had to stay until 10:00am. Then I ran to Target and got a few last minute things for my Mom and headed home. Ben and I cleaned the house and loaded the car. When Layla woke up we headed out to my Moms. Once we got there we ate, played, hung outside by the fire, and ate some more. My older brother Eddie made Layla a cute little sledding hill and she sledded forever on a garbage can lid! Christmas morning brought a ton of gifts and a super excited Layla! We ate a Mexican food feast around 3pm then headed home. Yesterday we ventured out into the crowds for some new shoes for Layla and groceries. I also ran by target for the new Donkey Kong game, which I stayed up way too late playing last night! Anyways so now we are up to date! Here’s a quick cell phone picture of what I think is my favorite Christmas present! My brother got me this beautiful vintage cupcake (I think) stand! I am already planning a party around it! Maybe a brunch or high tea!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Just a little preview of the Ugly Sweater Holiday Party....

My table, with pom poms and decorations

My coffee table wrapped, I need to remove the baskets.

The dessert table

Another one

Snow fakes hanging on my large mirror. It's hard to get a picture of a mirror...

Have a fantastic weekend before Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easy Gift!

We have a ton of friends! Ha! That sounds funny. As much as we would love to get everyone a present for Christmas, it's just not going to happen. I saw this recipe for Infused Vodka last year in Real Simple. I adapted it just a little and added sugar to the fruit before I add it to the vodka.

Total time: 5 minutes (plus 1 week for infusing)
What You Need:

1 liter vodka (I make a lot so I use a half gallon)

Flavorings, such as 1½ cups fresh pineapple chunks, 4 vanilla beans, or 3 halved and seeded jalapeƱos ( I always go the fruit route, this year was Blueberry/Blackberry)

Glass bottles with tight seals
This is the hardest part of the project, finding bottles. Michael's has some small bottles for a $1.00 each. This year I went with something like these:

I know I won't completely fill the bottles but I got them at the Dollar Store and know all my friends will reuse them. It's like 2 gifts in 1!
What to Do

1. Divide the vodka and desired flavorings among the bottles. ( I make it in 1 large pitcher and remove the fruit or add in's before giving as gifts)

2. Refrigerate until the vodka reaches the desired level of infusion, at least 3 days and up to 1 week. Remove the flavorings after 1 week or instruct the recipient to do so. Keep refrigerated for up to 2 months.

So Simple! Or Real Simple...

Let me know if you try It and what flavor you used!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Randomness

Another random post. I am so. freaking. busy... Why is it that you get older and you have every weekend for most of your life planned out? :) It's not all bad but annoying at times. Anyways here's my weekend wrap up and some randomness.

Friday: I picked Layla up from school and we ran to Target. We got popcorn and a sprite and shopped a little bit. Target is our closest store besides a grocery store so it feels like I am there everyday. I got my step Mom a present and some stocking stuffers. Ben had plans to do some shopping after work so Layla and I went home and ate chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and green beans. Her favorite meal ever. Afterwards she took a bath then we cuddled on my bed and watched The Santa Clause 2, or #1 I don't remember. I think I watched some of all them at some point this weekend. I let her stay up late to see Daddy. Once he got home he brushed her teeth and put her to bed. Then we picked up the house and watched the Food Network. Exciting Friday night!

Saturday: We got up fairly early and went to see Santa! Layla was SO excited to see him! She's a super friendly kid but I was a little nervous about her actually sitting with him. But she rocked it! We got some really cute pictures and then we had a break down... Layla was under the impression that she was going  to get what she asked for right then. She did not want to wait until Christmas. Poor kid, I guess we didn't explain that very well. Then we went home and my Mom and I went shopping for the rest of the day. Saturday night our friends Becca and Toby came over and listened to Layla sleep so Ben and I could go out to dinner. It was great to get some alone time! I really needed! After dinner we went shopping for party stuff.

Sunday: We cleaned house, and I made chicken enchiladas. our good friends Aprill and Josh and their two girls Makayla and Maddie came over and we exchanged gifts with the kiddos. I've mentioned this before by Layla and Kayla are 6 weeks apart so they are super close! There was a lot of running and screaming!

And for the Random:
  • I have soo much to do this week for the party!
  • I'm excited for a weekend to ourselves but it is going to be non stop! I think I might Ben get up early and take me to a movie Saturday morning!
  • I need to have the house party ready by Thursday. Friday we have to take Layla to my Mom's then go to a get together.
  • Anyone ever made Cake Mix Cookies? I'm going to make some for the party but I've never done it. Are they good?
And here is a picture of Layla with Santa, it's a cell phone picture of a picture sorry about the glare.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3rd Annual Ugly Sweater Party…

We throw an annual Christmas party every year; I think it’s been like 5 or 6 years running. 3 years ago we decided to turn it into an Ugly Sweater Party! (A party where everyone is required to wear a hideous holiday sweater. Most are purchased from Goodwill) It turned out to be a hit and now it’s a party everyone looks forward to every year! The last 3 years we’ve done the party at my friend Jen’s house, she had a large basement and room to handle all the people that come. This year since we have the new house (& 3 bathrooms YAY) Ben and I are hosting. I. Cannot. Wait!

I think I might have mentioned this before, but I love to entrain and plan parties! I could do it every day and sill loves it! Anyways here are some of my ideas for the par-tay!

A dessert table! Featuring these:

& Chocolate covered pretzels, Tiger Butter, Cupcakes, Cake Mix Cookies, and Candy Canes.

My house is pretty much decorated with all my usual Christmas decorations but I plan to wrap a few pictures that I already have hanging and I am going to include lots of green and red tissue paper pom poms! These things are so easy and make a huge pop! And lots of candles, I would like to keep the lights low and let the Christmas lights do most of the work. We’ll see, it might be too dark.

I’m also going to set up a photo “booth”. I purchased antler ears and a few other things for props. Can’t wait to see the pictures that will develop from this.

I’m going to run some fun wrapping paper down the center of my bar and the center of my dessert table then load them both up with food at different heights. I’m kind of stuck on real food though, I want easy finger foods. So far I have meatballs… Yeah. I need to get thinking about this. My downstairs is currently decorated with snowflakes and I think I am going to leave that pretty much the same. I have a small tree down there that I need to add some decorations to. It was supposed to be outside but for some reason our house only has 1 plug in outside so that was quickly used up for lights.

And the rest will come later as I figure it out. The party is December 18th so I have a little bit of time but I really need to get down to business! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

World Market Finds

I took a quick trip into town last night (about 8 or so miles from my house) and went to World Market and Pier 1. I found nothing at Pier 1, I was looking for something large and Christmassy for my dining room table. I have a little wire glitter Christmas tree on there now and it doesn't feel grand enough. Anyways here's what I got at World Market. Every time I go there I love that store even more!

A Beer for the Hubs, which got left in the freezer and I found exploded this morning.

A super cute Owl Wind Chime for my brother's gf for Christmas. She loves Owls.

Another picture of him cause he is so cute! And part of Ben's arm. The Owl was 50% off so I got him for about $12.00

Some cute little hooks for our bedroom. I was picking up in there Tuesday night and said to myself I need some hooks in here! Boom! $1.99 each!

How is your Christmas shopping coming along? I have the final two presents for Layla in my shopping cart at Wal Mart then just some little things and Ben... Who I have no idea what to get.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Randoms

  • I sent out the evites for our 3rd Annual Sweater Christmas Party today! I can’t wait! I love throwing get togethers, my dream job would be a party planner.  
  • I’m looking for a outdoor fire pit for a Christmas present and I cannot find one under $100.00 I want to spend like $50ish and it’s not happening. There was 1 at Target on Black Friday but I missed it.  
  • I’m hoping to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. Well not completely, I still have Ben but everyone else will be done.  
  • I’m buying paint for the playroom this weekend. I want it painted before the Christmas party.  
  • It’s really ugly outside today. It’s gray and rainy which is making all my pretty snow turn to slush then it’s going to freeze again tonight and make a slippery mess tomorrow!  
  • I really need to rerecord my voicemail message on my cell phone. I recorded it while driving in the car and you can totally tell. I sound loud and rushed.  
  • I think I am going to make a trip to World Market and Pier 1 tonight. I’m looking for some little gifts for a few people and both of those places always have neat little things.  
  • I’ve been trying to get our outside Christmas lights up since last Saturday.
    Have a fantastic rest of your week! 

Monday, November 29, 2010


I didn't mean to take a little blogging vacay but I was to busy this last weekend to sit down and write a post! Thanksgiving turned out great, even with forgetting to make gravy! It snowed most of the weekend so we stayed inside a lot. Black Friday was ton of fun, we got most of our Christmas shopping done and almost saw a riot in Target! Here's some pictures of the Christmas tree and our snowy house!

Snowy Drive to my Mom's Saturday

Our very Snowy back yard!

Our Christmas Tree

Just with lights, Layla helped put about 3 decorations on. Then she was over it and watched Frosty the Snowman.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have a ton to be thankful for this year! But honestly I know I am lucky and try to always be thankful for what I have. I hope everyone enjoys their time with their families! I am excited for family time, shopping on Friday, a get together with friends to celebrate Ethan Friday night, sleeping in Saturday and decorating for Christmas with Layla Saturday evening and Sunday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowy House & Menu Plan Monday

We woke up this morning to about 3 inches of fluffy snow! I know I've said this before but I love the snow! Layla and I passed a herd of moose on the way to work/school this morning. They were just hanging out in a field. Here's some pic's I snapped this morning

Our deck off our bedroom

Snowy House!  

A tree at work.

Sorry the first two are so dark, it's still pretty dark at 6:00am. I've got a short week this week so only 3 dinners but I'll count yesterday's too.

Sunnday: Shepherd’s Pie

Monday: Chicken something, I meant to throw some in the crock pot and make taco's or something but I was blinded by the snow and forgot.

Tuesday: Breakfast

Wednesday: Pizza!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday...

I am joining in on Fill in the Blank Friday over at it's the little things we do. It's Thanksgiving themed and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays so here we go!

1. My Thanksgiving plans this year will include: Eating a ton! And celebrating our first thanksgiving in our new house!

2. My favorite Thanksgiving Was the first year I hosted and did it all by myself! I went a little over the top but it was a lot of fun!

3. My signature Thanksgiving dish is Hum... I would say mashed potatoes; the Hubs would say stuffing and our good friend Jen would say sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows and brown sugar!

4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is Can I pick all of it? If not it would have to be mashed potatoes or green bean casserole. Yeah I can't pick one.

5. Thanksgiving free association! Turkey, decorating, friends, family, beer, thankful, love!

6. Thanksgiving is. Awesome! I love when I can have all my closest friends and family over for a big sit down dinner!
7. I am thankful for Layla, Ben and all my friends and family! That we have a warm house to come home to and lots of love!

Have a great weekend everyone! I think we are going to be pretty chill, hoping the Kiddo can make it staying up a little late tonight to see Santa light up our downtown Christmas tree!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I woke up this morning to snow! I freaking love the snow! It makes me so happy! So so so Happy! Snow! I am kicking myself for not taking a picture, but hopefully there will be more tomorrow! While take Layla to school this morning, I was smiling from ear to ear she's hangin in her car seat and starts cracking up! Like big happy laughs! She stops for just a second and says, "Momma Snow is SOOOOO Funny!" Yeah, she's pretty much the coolest kid ever!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Loss of a Friend…

This is a hard post to write, but it’s what’s going on in my life and I wanted to start documenting more which is why I started my lil blog.

Ben and I were getting ready this morning. I always watch the news in the morning as we were watching it I see a story about a shooting in Spokane last Friday where a suspect was shot by police because he was shooting at them. I had heard about this story last week but didn’t really think of it. We live in a pretty safe city but this was a bad part of town. The news then says the suspect has been identified and flashes a picture of him. As I look at the TV screen, I yell to Ben that’s Ethan?!!! What the hell?! Ethan….

The summer before I turned 19 I moved into a house with my older brother Eddie, and my two best friends Becca and Keith. Keith and I had a kind of crazy relationship he was my best friend but he also had feelings for me that I didn’t have for him. He moved out and Eddie said Ethan needs a place to stay. We’d known Ethan for quite awhile, he was quite and a good friend and person. Becca dated him for a bit but it never worked out. So he moved into Keith’s old room. Becca then went on the never ending trip to CA and it was just me, Eddie and Ethan living together. We all got along great, we were young and had parties just doing young kids stuff. Later Ethan moved out and Ben moved in. We all still kept in touch with him, he’d crash on our couch sometimes. He was constantly hurting himself, the boys would go skateboarding and Ethan would always be the one to get hurt. He had angel wings tattooed on his back and got the back of his neck pierced! A few years later we lost contact with him, we had heard he moved to CA then to MT, had a child and was doing great!

Last week we had our friend Joey over for dinner, we talked about Ethan. Joey said he was back in town and that he had seen him just a few weeks ago. He seemed great. We’ve always known that Ethan suffered from mental health issues but I would have never in a million years thought it come to this. It’s hard to see the news paint him as some crazed person. I know what he did was wrong, but he wasn’t this monster they have portrayed him to be.

My heart goes out to his family and friends. Ethan you will always be remembered for all the fun and good memories we have together. I hope you can finally find peace.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Round Up & Menu Plan

What a relaxing weekend! It was great! I’ll start on Thursday since that’s when my weekend started.

Thursday: Layla and I slept in until about 8:30am. We got up and got ready, returned some shoes and then met my friend Jen for lunch. The place we wanted to go was closed, like shut down closed. So we went to Jen’s part time job, Azteca Mexican restaurant. After that Jen came home with us and I put Layla down for a nap. She slept until just before Ben got home. I ordered some pizza and we all hung out. Ben put the kiddo to bed and Jen and I went to do a little Christmas shopping.

Friday: Surprised Ben with picking him up for lunch! Went home put the kiddo down for a nap and caught up on Grays and Private Practice. Then cleaned house and hung out the family when Ben got home. That night we had two couple friends over and played Cranium, so. Much. Fun! Ben and I rocked it!

Saturday: Just hung out, our power went out for a few hours, my mom stopped by. That night we watched two movies and just relaxed!

Sunday: I wasn’t feeling too good; I took some expired Benadryl because my allergies were driving me crazy and slept most of the day!

Monday Menu!

Sunday: Made crock pot French dips, fries and creamed corn.

Monday: Chicken Parm. Noodles and some sort of veggie.

Tuesday: Something easy….

Wednesday: Crock pot chili

Thursday: Dinner with a friend. Ben and Layla are on their own!

Friday: ??

Saturday: Again I don’t know.

Sunday: Something in the crock pot, I’m thinking Potato Soup!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


:: I need a project!!! So bad! Lately we’ve been putting Layla to bed around 7 and I’ve been crawling into bed and watching TV… So lame. I need something to keep me busy!

:: I’m going to hit up one of my favorite thrift stores at lunch. Hopefully I can find something to keep me busy!

:: I know I said this yesterday but I cannot wait to have Thursday and Friday off! Layla and I have lunch plans with friends both days!

:: I am crazy unhappy with my job right now. I won’t go into it but I have been applying all over the place. I need a change! In my dream world I’d only have to work 3 or 4 days a week, but make more money then I do now. Then when Layla starts school go to 5 days a week but only during school hours! A girl can dream right?!

:: Here’s a phone picture of the menu from my birthday dinner Friday night. And I picture of my feet… Yeah I sent this to a few friends to let them know my dancing shoes were on but no one wanted to go dancing.

And that’s all I’ve got for Tuesday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Monday and Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday! I have a short week this week, only 3 works days and 4 days off! I can't wait to spend some extra time with my Layla Lou!

Here's our menu plan for the week:

Monday: Hot dogs and French Fries
Tuesday: Chicken Tacos with all the fixin's. Having a good friend over for dinner!
Wednesday: Breakfast
Thursday: TBD

Weekend Round-Up:

Friday: We took Layla out to my Mom's and rushed back into town to make my Birthday Eve dinner reservations. When we got there I have a very nice surprise, all the menu's in the whole place said Happy Birthday Krista on them! So sweet, my Husband Rocks!

Saturday: Breakfast at out favorite place! Then some running around and test driving a car. Were looking for something bigger... Then rushing (I am always rushing!) home and getting ready for my birthday party! It was a ton of fun!!!!!

Sunday: My mom brought Layla home fairly early and we went shopping!!!

Have a great Monday!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I know I've been MIA lately, I don't even have a good excuse. Just normal busy life. But this weekend is my birthday, and I will have lots of pictures. I'm playing up fall time with a fall themed party. Should be fun!

The rest of the week should be pretty easy going. Tonight I’m starting to clean the house for said party. Saturday is my actual birthday and I don’t want to spend the day cleaning before. So tonight I am focusing on the downstairs, playroom, family room, half bath, laundry room and guest room. Tomorrow it’s upstairs, entryway, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and master bathroom and bedroom.

Have a marvelous Wednesday!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The weekend is so close! I just have to make it thru 7 more hours of work! Layla’s first day of preschool/daycare went great! She didn’t cry at all when Ben left her, and she had a lot of fun! Second day went great too! They told me she’s doing great! Today Ben dropped her off and it was melt down city! Poor baby! Her teacher works 4 10’s so today she is not there maybe that’s it? I don’t know but I’m only a few blocks from her and it’s hard not to just go get her. I know I can’t, and I’m sure she’s fine now.

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us… Tonight a Fall Party at Layla’s school & my brother’s girlfriend Audrey’s birthday party! Tomorrow errands with my Mom and Ben and I need to find a wedding present! Tomorrow night we have Ben’s best friend’s wedding and Sunday is Halloween!!!

Have a safe and fun weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My Baby headed to her 1st day of Preschool today! Here's a picture of her and her Daddy before they left this morning.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Pictures of our trip to the pumkin patch a few weeks ago!

*Note the guy in the plaid, is my older brother Eddie.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap & Meal Plan

Friday: We toured another daycare/preschool at lunch. This one felt good. Ben and I carpooled… I really don’t know why. I wasn’t a good idea, I get off work a ½ an hour earlier then him and coming from dropping Layla off at Aprill’s my exit is after his… But he kept the car. So I got off work at 4 and waited. When he got here we headed to get Layla and finally made it home at 6:00. I had a Partylite party to be at, at 6:30 so I rushed back out of the house. The party was good, wine, food, friends and a few fall candles. After I ran to Target to wonder by myself. I found a cute clearance box:

Saturday: I woke up late for my hair appt. Then spent 4 hours getting my hair done, agh the price for nice hair. When I got home Ben and I finished cleaning out the garage and I can officially park my car in there! It’s amazing! Ben went on a dump run and my Mom stopped by. When Layla got up from her nap we went to Goodwill and bought Ben a snow blower! Went home made English muffin pizzas and put the kiddo to bed. Ben went to a friend’s house and I caught up on some TV and laid in bed. It was nice!

Sunday: We decided on the preschool that we had seen on Friday! YES! So we took Layla to get a bang trim for “school” and to Target to get a few supplies. She is beyond excited to go to school and make new friends! She kept saying “I make new friends Momma!” “Layla’s a big girl, go to school!” It’s too cute. After that the day was spent doing laundry, cleaning, watching the Seahawks sloppily win and barbequing chicken in the wind

Layla starts school on Wednesday, but until then my Mom’s BFF Stacy & my #2 Mom is staying with us to watch her during the days. I hope Ms. Layla Louise doesn’t walk all over her! Friday Layla’s new school is having a Fall Party that I hope to go so we can meet a few of the parents. Ben has his best friend’s wedding rehearsal at 4:30pm so it will just be Layla at I. After that is will be a quick trip to take Layla to my Mom’s and then back into town for my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday party. We have the wedding on Saturday and then taking Layla a few places to trick or treat on Sunday. Probably down to our old neighborhood.

Menu Plans for this week:

Monday: I have no idea… I’m actually thinking of picking up a pizza.

Tuesday: Something quick, were taking Layla to see her new school.

Wednesday: Spaghetti & garlic bread

Thursday: Sweet & Sour Chicken & Rice

Friday: Busy & Out

Saturday: Wedding

Sunday: Whatever