Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Randoms

  • I am so glad it’s almost the weekend! I think I start all my random posts with this one. 
  • It has been in the high 70’s here all week and now it’s 50’s and rainy. WTF! 
  • I’m going to the Yard Sale of Yard Sales this weekend! My Mom, Ben and I go every year. 
  • Tossing around the idea of repainting my kitchen floor. When I first painted it I wanted a light green which turned out more white then anything and it is so annoying to keep clean! Even when it’s clean it doesn’t look clean.
  • My pallet project never got finished. Those things are freaking hard to take apart!
  • I’m trying acupuncture on Monday… I’m a little nervous.  
  • I was rear ended yesterday, and the dude just drove off! Luckily Layla wasn’t in the car, it wasn’t bad but still who drives off?! My back bumper is all scratched up and I am upset about it! Yesterday was just an awful day all around!
  • I went to bed at 8:00pm last night. It was awesome and I feel much better about life today!
  • Layla learned how to write her name the other day! She’s a genius!
    And I think that’s all I have! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Layla washed her outdoor playhouse

Played on her swing set for hours!

It was SUPER nice out!

We had drinks on the deck! And food and lots of fun conversations. I also found the perfect coffee table for the deck, it's been in my garage for years and it just need a little brass polish to look like new!

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Week in Pic's

Well most of my week in pictures. And mostly pictures of Layla.

1) Layla a the park the other day, Ben grabbed this before she ran off like a crazy kid

2) Layla taking a picture of her bbf Elmer

3) Elmer waiting for Layla to throw a ball

4) Pink Lemonade Cake! I need to make this! It’s from Better Homes and Gardens

5) Layla rocking my shades

6) Layla “talking” on the phone, I think to my Mom’s dog.

7) A new inspirational quote on the chalkboard wall. “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” I saw this on a store front window in Portland and really liked it.

8) Layla and Elmer, Besties! Which is so weird because up until about 6 months ago he didn’t want anything to do with her. I guess he realized how fun she is!

9) And the weather for this weekend! Tomorrow 68 & Sunny, Sunday 76 and SUNNY!!!! Woo Hoo!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

Joining up The Vintage Apple for Pinteresting Wednesdays! I see this on a lot of blogs I read! Here are a few things I’ve been pinning this week:

Raspberry Lemon Drop

Pink Grapefruit Margarita

Swoon! So pretty! I love the detail on the ceiling!

Fab outdoor space! I'm dreaming of nicer weather and drinks on the deck!

I couldn’t find where this originally came from…

Anchor Man Two is all I have to say.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elf Love!

Years ago, (like 6ish!) I was at a doctors appt flipping through a Cosmo (I think) and I saw an ad for Elf Cosmetics. At that time everything was a $1.00 and you could only buy it online. Now everything is a bit more expensive but they are still super cheap compared to most make up and you can buy most of it at Target! Here are a few of my current faves from them!
#1: Eye shadow Primer $3: Oh I love love this stuff! I used to have beautiful eye makeup until about 2pm. Now it last all day and looks perfect!

#2: Tone Correcting Powder $3: I have super rosy cheeks, it’s kind of annoying and while this doesn’t completely rid them it makes it a lot better.
#3 Brightening Eye Color $1: They have a ton of colors! A Ton! But I like these two the best, they look fab with my hazel eyes!

#4 Mineral Eyeshadow $3: Again they have a ton of colors! But I love this green! It’s a true green and it looks awesome on!
#5 Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish $2: The next Elf purchase I plan to make! What a great idea! It has great reviews, but a lot of people say it smells really bad. I think I’m ok with that, I’ll let you know when I try it.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Woop it’s almost the weekend!!! Nothing to really chat about today so here’s some Instagram (Kristakins_ )pic’s from last night! The weather is beautiful here right now! I’m actually out of here in about an hour to get her my Girly and go play in it!
Back yard with the sun setting through the trees

Elmer enjoying a nice piece of drift wood  

Layla rockin in on her bike! She is seriously getting so big! Her bike basket was a gift from the Easter Bunny and that was baby Emily’s first bike ride.
Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Finally doing this! #Marchphotoaday

#8 Window: this is out my kitchen window
#9 Red: a Flair pen. I love these pens!
#10 Loud: Woo volume 19! I like how this pic turned out with my colorful zebra cell case.
#11 Someone: I talked to today and every day, Ben
#12 A fork.
#13 A Sign: rocking it on Unicorn St.
#14 Clouds!
#15 Car: My Whip! Lol, more like my Mom car
#16 Sunglasses:  Rose Colored Glasses
#17 Green! I love elephants and I love green!
#18 A Corner of my house, this is Layla's corner she hides herself and random stuff back here
#19 Funny: This kid!
#20 Skipped
#21 Delicious, cinnamon roll waffles! So freaking good!
#22 & #23 Skipped
#24: Elmer
#25 Skipped
#26 A key, this is my house key with a super cool Twilight key fob thing
#28 Skipped
#29: Feet, in my favorite Target boots
#30 Skipped, I don't know why! There are only a million in my house
#31 Where I relax, my bed! I am here all the time!

Wow, so it was harder than I thought it would be but still fun! Joining again for April, here’s the list:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Portland Roundup

Ever visit a city and just have it click? It just feels right? Like where has this city been all my life? This is exactly how we felt in Portland. Something about it just grabbed us and I heard Ben says something that in the 15 years I’ve known him I have never heard him say, he would actually consider moving! Not that anything would happen anytime soon, but it’s a great step in the right direction! I’ve always wanted to move, not that I don’t love my current city I’ve just always wanted to try something new.
Here are a few pictures of our trip; I’m debating doing a full post about it because it will be long!
1)      Ben! This is almost into Oregon while driving. I do all the driving, on trips around town whenever.
2)      The view at night of our 14th floor hotel room
3)      Dinner Friday night well more like breakfast, I think it was sometime after 4am. Montage gives you leftovers in cute little foil animals. Ben though it was a duck...
4)    Beautiful day in Portland!!!  
5)      Home Goods!
6)      The Rouge
7)      Ben outside at the Rouge
8)      Super tasty Rouge Beer
9)      And another beer.
It was a fabulous trip! I can’t wait to go back with Layla, I’ve heard great things about their zoo.
Also, right before this trip I signed up for Instagram! Woop! I’ve been uploading photos like crazy! Come find me Kristakins_ and I’ll follow you back. I need more pretty pictures to look at!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had an amazing long weekend in Portland! Oh what an awesome city! I’ll do a full recap one day this week, but we had so much fun!
Last week I bought some bar stools on craigslist. I’ve been looking for some for awhile but gees those things are expensive! I saw an ad for 3 of them for $15! Yes, Please!
Here's the before:
They were pretty rough

Some interesting IKEA fabric on them, maybe if it was clean it would have looked better.
And the after! The fabric is more linen color then white. It was an extra curtain I had and wasn’t using.

And Layla trying it out!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's my Friday!

I am dragging today. Ladies night was a little wild last night. But I just have to make it through this work day then tomorrow Ben and I are heading to the Greenest City in the US, Portland!

I am so excited to go to the two most amazing stores ever!

Happy Almost Weekend Blog Land!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I wanted to do my #Marchphotoaday wrap up today, but it's really nice out and I don't want to deal with uploading a ton pictures. So at some point this week, I will. Today I am busy dreaming about going away with my Hubby for our 5th wedding anniversary this weekend and camping. I am ready for nice weather so we can go camping...

I will leave you with a picture that melted my heart! Ben braiding Layla's hair! So sweet!

Sunday night Ben shaved off that monster beard. Not completely but most of it. He looks maybe 20 now.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

Saturday was a lot of fun! We discovered some new thrift stores but didn’t find much. I did take some pictures of quite of few things that I wanted but didn’t buy. First the two things I did buy:
A super fun handmade plate from Australia for a $1.

It’s hard to tell but the white area in the middle is like pressed with lace. It’s very pretty
I’m from middle California (Fresno) and spent a ton of time growing up at Yosemite. I picked up this Ansel Adams print of Half Dome and the Merced River for the guest room.  
Fun fact in elementary school I did a report on John Muir; he helped save Yosemite and was a very big advocate for preserving forests in the US. Anyways I became slightly obsessed and read everything I could about him. He was an amazing adventurist.
And that’s all I bought. But two good purchases are better than a bunch of stuff I don’t need. Here’s a few things that caught my eye though
I really wanted this! I could see it painted and used as a coffee table in the family room. But I believe it was $70.00 and in rough shape.
Oh this matching set of chairs! Painted white and recovered in a fun fabric! They were $69.99 each.

This desk was just neat, nothing I needed but it completely folded into its self. 

And another chair, I like that is was low profile but one of the arms was broken.