Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday I took the day off to spend with my Grandma and Grandpa who are up from Fresno, CA. Yesterday it rained, snowed, hailed, thundered and lightning... But we (My Mom, Grandparents, Layla, Me and my older brother) got in my Mom's bus of a car and went thrift store shopping. I got this cute dresser (bad cell phone picture) for $40.00, I'm going to put it in my living room as a sofa sort of table.

I'm torn on what color to paint it. My living room has Sliver Leaf walls, olive greenish furniture, and black coffee and end tables. My first thought was black, but I almost want a bright fun color. Like the ever popular turquoise... Or white, yellow, green. I don't know. Any ideas?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Round Up with Cell Phone Pictures

Happy Tuesday! Here's our weekend round up!

Friday: Ben, Layla and I all had the day off! It was supposed to be a fun day of coloring Easter eggs, planting something and just hanging out! I had a great idea to run into town and get my hair done at 9am, I knew I wanted all over color so I didn't think it would take very long.... 5 hours later. Background: I get my very long hair done at a hair school. I used to have a regular hairdresser but she fell off the deep in and everyone else I tried charged me a ton because of the length of my hair. So hair school it is, they charge $32.00 for all over color and a cut. Normally it turns out great but this time they messed it up. I wanted a chestnut brownish color (I'm normally very blond) it ended up a orange/green mess!!! Luckily they always re do it for free, but to cover up the mess, I now have really dark hair. After that I went home and did what we were supposed to do, colored eggs and planted a tomato plant! Later I went and had some girl time at a PartyLite Party. And saw these in the catalog: So cute! $39.95... Partylite kills me! Way to expensive! But if you spend $40.00 you get 1 thing half off! Yeah, they always get me. And since I need a pair, I am now having a party to get the other one 60% off.

Saturday: Ben woke up not feeling well, we already had plans to go to an Easter Egg Hunt that our Realtor was putting on so Layla and I went by ourselves.

On the way there she's a goof!

Playing, her hair looks so cute! She never lets me do it!

Face Painting!! She sat so still!

Getting ready to get those eggs!!!

& on the way home, she had too much fun 
It was such a great day! The weather was perfect and Layla had a lot of fun!

Sunday: The Easter Bunny Came!
We also went out to lunch with my parents. Then after a family wide nap we went and flew my Mom's Easter present to Layla, a kite! I don't think I have ever flown a kite before... I guess I was sheltered.

Daddy & Layla trying to figure it out

Layla watching it. She kept saying, It's so high Momma!!!

Busy weekend as always! This week my Grandma and Grandpa are driving up from CA to spend a few days with us! Can't wait! The last time they saw Layla was 2 years ago at Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful week!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dying Curtains

The other day we were grocery shopping and almost done when I said I want some fabric dye! After I painted Layla's room I couldn't find curtains I wanted, so I bought some plain white ones. Then at one of my weekly Target trips I found a really pretty set of light pink curtains, they were perfect but $24.99 a panel. No thanks. So I bought this for $1.89ish.

I bought the powder dye. Super easy to do, heat 2 cups of almost boiling water (I did it in the microwave) fill both sinks up with enough water that the curtains could move freely, toss the a curtain in each sink and pour 1 cup of dye in each one.

I got a little nervous here, they were bright!

But after they sat in the dye for about 15 minutes I washed them and now they look like this:
(Sorry it was a rainy day when I took these pictures)
This one is the closest to the true color. No pictures of them hanging yet because when we took down the old mini blinds they left pretty big holes, I need to spackle and touch up the paint.

Tomorrow Layla's school is closed for Good Friday, so Mom and Dad are taking the day off! Were going to color Easter eggs and plant something for Earth Day, have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Monday night Elmer and I ran up to Petco to get his nails trimmed. They were awful, like badger claws or something. Anyways the very sweet groomer offered to give him a bath too! Yes, please! After I picked him up and we headed home I stopped at a stop light and took this picture...

If you can't tell he's sitting in Layla's carseat...

Um Elmer Doug, you are a little too big for that.

(tomorrow I will have some pictures and a sort of "how to" on some curtains I dyed for Layla's room)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday!

This is what I am working on right now:

A stencil on Layla's wall! The photo's make it look silver but it's really a pearl white, which is looking great on the bright green walls!

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Sweet Hollywood!

I am a huge fan of Tori Spelling, I think we might be long lost sisters. Expect she's insanely rich and way skinny and I'm... not. But I do follow her on Twitter and was so excited when she announced her pregnancy a few days ago! And then yesterday Tori & Dean put their amazing Encino, CA home on the market.... A little eye candy for you!

6,718 Square feet
6 Bedrooms
6 1/2 Bathrooms
& it's been featured on a few reality shows

(Above pictures all from here)

Friday, April 8, 2011


  • We are headed out of town again this weekend, I am sort of excited about it and sort of not. We are going to Sunnyside WA (clicky link about the city, if your interested) My parents have been BFF's with a couple Sam & Stacey since I was little like 3 or so. They are like an extra set of parents, aways Sam's parents have a HUGE party every year to celebrate their birthdays and anniversary. It's always the 2nd weekend in April and it's a ton of fun! But we went on a trip last weekend and normally we spend the night (it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive) but this year we wanted to come home so it a lot of car time for Layla. But while were there she is going to get wore out! There is seriously 8000 kids there (OK not really but at least 75) and they normally rent a bounce house, it's on a lot of property so she can run, a pinata, confetti eggs, and all her favorite people will be there. Sam's family is Mexican which also means the most amazing food! Ok, I think I just got myself excited about it!
  • My house is so messy right now! I almost called in today just so I could clean it. I didn't and now I'm at work feeling stressy about it. It's crazy how a messy house gives me anxiety! I have to clean it tonight! There's not much worse then coming home from a trip to a messy house.
  • After work tonight we are headed to the Wahl's house for dinner! I am the main cook in our house and I get so excited when someone invites us to dinner and I don't have to cook! Food tastes so much better (most of the time) when someone else cooks it! I don't mind cooking, and enjoy it most of the time but I do love when someone else does it!
  • I picked up Layla's pictures last night and when I got there the lady says, oh it looks like they have sent some extras! I'm thinking sweet! Free pictures?! Um... No, you can have these for $25.00... I of course had to buy them. Agh.
  • I have recently started buying Avon again and I bought the BEST perfume! It is a fantastic summer scent! I think they might be discounting it or something though because it's on sale right now for $5.99 while supplies last. This is what says about it: Like a perfect spring day, drenched in sunshine and totally alive with possibilities! Notes of green mango, juicy mandarin and lemon ice capture your zest for life, while orange flower, honeysuckle and jasmine express an underlying floral flirtation. Sun-bleached teak, patchouli and sandalwood root the scent, creating a perfect balance between energy and calmness. So yummy!!! Another one that I thought was good was Fergie's Outspoken, one of the books had a sample in it and it was surprising good and sexy!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! It should be nice here, in the high 50's I cannot wait!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Cool Website

This site is a lot like The Foundary but they seem to have a lot more stuff! One Kings Lane  (that link is the link they provided me to invite friends, I believe I get $25.00 if you make a purchase. Use it if you want, or just google it, I don't mind either way!)
1. Things Go Fast. Most sales last 72 hours. but products can sell out long before that. Our advice: get here early! Sales begin at 8am PT/ 11am ET.
2. New Sales Daily. New brands and product types launch daily. Check out our sales event calendar to view the week's sales.
3. Check Your Inbox. We'll keep you in the loop with daily notifications so you'll never miss a sale you love.

Right now they have pillows, rugs, frames, accents, kids toys, hammocks and lots lots more! Here are a few things I like:

Corallum Pillow, 12x20, Coral

Monogram Arbor Set of 50 Coasters

Custom Canvas, 20x24
A custom 20x24 Canvas Photo for $59.00 (sizes up to 30x40)

Fengi Princess Playhouse & Floor Quilt
Layla would love this!!! It's $199.00 though, so out of our price range. Via

They have some really cute stuff, and I don't know about you but I love getting eye candy emailed to me everyday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary

To me and my husband Ben! 4 years ago today it was a rainy Friday. I was recovering from a cold and barely had a voice, lots of running around, a quick stop at Arby’s, and spending the most of the day in the most beautiful mansion.

At 7:15pm the sun finally came out and I married by best friend! It’s been a great ride so far and I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together!