Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wants, Upstairs Addition

Here are some things I want for the upstairs right now. None of them are in the budget right now but I can dream.

Hardwood or Laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room. Right now the kitchen has very 70’s vinyl and the dining room is carpeted… Which doesn’t work well with a toddler.

To do something with the fire place. I don’t know what but something…. Here “he” is we’ve named him Rockford do you see his face?
(This was taken when I was painting;see the pretty nacho cheese color on the left? I've also painted the inside of the fireplace with high heat paint all black it looks much better

New appliances for the kitchen! In our old house we had just finished replacing all the appliances then put the house on the market and included all the brand new appliances. I miss them so much. I might have cried over them once… or twice.

Pant our bedroom and Layla’s. (which is in the budget but I need to find time to do it) Layla’s room was super cute in the old house, lavender and white everywhere! Now it’s white and lavender a few places. I’m thinking big horizontal stripes that go lighter in color as they go up. Does that make sense? So dark lavender on the bottom, lighter lavender, lightest lavender then white coming down a bit and white ceiling… This is Layla’s boring room now:

Warning: the rooms are messy, I took quick pic's last night with my cell phone.

Our room has some weird faux finish on the walls… Like textured to look plastered. Here’s a pic:

Not digging the orangey/yellow color…

I think that is it for the upstairs! Now if anyone would like to send large donations we can get this all done!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Monday....

So I need some help with throw pillows. We bought a sectional for our family room on craigslist when we moved into the new house. It’s a weird suede color that I am having a horrible time matching anything to it.

Here’s a picture of it not together:

There is a window behind the couch that I put navy blue panels on, there is a black table in front of it and TV and entertainment center down there is also black….

Friday, August 27, 2010


I am amazed that my tiny 5lbs 12ozs baby girl is now 2! I am amazed that she went to wearing preemie clothes for the first month of her life to being a toddler who walks, talks, yells, hugs, kisses, tells me she loves me and well she does just about everything!

In honor of Layla Louise turning 2 last week here are some pictures of her! I'll add another post about her Abby Cadabby birthday party next week, it was awesome!

4 days old:
This is one of my favorite pictures ever! I love how tiny she is and how sleepy her new Daddy looks.
One Month:
With Daisy, I love this picture because even now that is her favorite doll. She sleeps with her every night!
Mad cause Mommy wouldn't give her the camera
Almost her 1st Birthday!
Happy 1st Birthday!

Just a few days ago, lookin cool with her sunglasses on wrong
On her birthday swing with Daddy

My Layla Bean, you have made the last two years of my life the best years ever! Every time I look at you I am reminded that I am meant to be your Mommy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Is seriously one of my favorite places in the world! We live about 4 hours away and go whenever we get the chance. This last week my Dad, step mom Brenda and my sort of little sister Angel (she's my step moms niece) were visiting from CA. They were here for Layla's 2nd birthday (Aug 15th) . Before they came up we saw that the Seattle Seahawks (we are super fans) were playing the Greenbay Packers who is my Dad's team. So we got nose bleed seats for $18 each and headed over! The Seahawks lost but it was a ton of fun! Here's some pictures of a perfect day in Seattle!

A Pear Affair at the W Hotel in Seattle

Blue skies over the Space Needle! 
My Dad and Ben walking into the game:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I like painting things black...

I really do. You'll come to see I paint a lot of things black. This was a project I did awhile ago, I bought this coffee table and side tables on Craigslist for $70.00 I was in LOVE with all the storage it had! We were living in our 1st home and it was small. I need all the storage for the million of kid toys that were taking over my living room. 

Here is the before:

(From craigslist, I do not have a pink walls in my house.)


Not the greatest light, but you get the idea. Still wondering what I should do with the baskets, paint them or leave them be. Currently in the new house the baskets are downstairs in the play room holding a ridiculous amount of toys.

Well Well Well

I had a blog and long time ago and then one day just got rid of it. Now the Hubs, Kiddo and I have just bought a new to us home and I've been doing a ton of DYI projects! I stalk the D&R board on the Nest and all of those lovely ladies have a blog so I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

Oh and now I can be a follower on their blogs too!! Lucky me!