Friday, June 29, 2012


Jumping on the bandwagon and joining in with Friday’s letters:


Dear Layla, Kid you are hilarious! Seriously. Thanks for letting me snuggle with you last night; I know “you’re not a baby anymore!” so I try to be in the moment and enjoy our together time. Dear Lion King… um you have a ton of really weird scenes I’ve never noticed before. And you always make me tear up a when Mufasa dies. Dear Ben, you are pretty awesome! It’s cool and a little creepy how well you can read my mind. Dear Audrey, I know we’ve had some rough times but I am glad we are working on our relationship. It feels good to be excited to hear from you, I hope we continue on this. Dear Work Day, hurry the F up! I want to relax and chill with my people tonight!

& a picture of my Sweetie!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Best Chicken Enchiladas!

I promised awhile ago to post my enchilada recipe, it’s fairly easy just a little time consuming. Here’s everything you need bedsides the enchilada sauce, and I think that’s the trick it has to be green sauce.
Shredded Chicken

Chopped Onions

Corn Tortillas

Lots of Cheese!

& Geen Sauce

I’ve started tossing my chicken in the crock pot so it can cook all day and be super easy to shred.

I toss each tortilla in some oil for just a bit, to get the edges a little brown. Then add the chicken, onions and cheese to each one then roll it up! Once they are all in you baking dish dump a ton of green sauce on them and more cheese!

Toss them in a 400 oven till everything is all melted and perfect!

& eat!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ben's going to be 29!

Well in 41 days! Since were only a year away from the big 3-0, were just going to do small parties this year. Ben mentioned just wanting to head out to a bar and have a bunch of friends meet us. But not wanting to go down town and deal with all the youngens’ we thought we'd find a Dive Bar. We have quite a few that we regular but we want something different...
This weekend my Momma asked to have Layla so she could take her to her town's rodeo and carnival so were taking the opportunity to scout out some dives! So tonight after my Step Dad picks up the girl and I cry I little were off.

Yesterday I hit up this website:

And found 5 that look promising and that we've never been too. Not sure if we will make it to all of them, but it should be a fun Friday night!

Oh and because she is so cute here a pic of Layla:

We actually had a nice day yesterday! When I picked her up from school we went to the splash pad and I let her get soaked in her clothes and ride home nakey!

Have great weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012


Linking up again this week with Ashley for...

Saturday evening at the park

On the way home from the park, Ben started signing a NKOTB song. So I hooked us up with some NKOTB Pandora. You're welcome, Ben.

My little sweetie!

I have these flowers in my yard and they are awesome, but I have no idea what they are.

Layla & Ben on Father's Day! We didn't do much yesterday but made Ben feel special with lots of love and his favorite foods.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A random list of songs I could listen to a lot

1) Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton- This is Our Song. We were 19 in a bar in a tiny town called Naches, WA. I don’t know how we were in there or why they were serving us but we were tipsy, slow dancing to a really bad cover of this song and Ben said, “One day I’m going to marry you.” Awww swoon!

2) Layla, Eric Clapton-Obvious reasons, but because of the above we named Layla, Layla. I can’t wait until she realized why everyone sings her name to her like that.

3) Forever, Ben Harper-If I could re pick my wedding song this would be it!

4) Cold Desert, Kings of Leon- I love the line “Hand over your heart, let’s go home.”

5) Heart, Alone- I love me some 80’s. Did you know this song was also recorded by John Stamos for the sitcom Dreams?

6) Nothing Man, Pearl Jam-Why are most of these slow songs?!

7) I Drove all Night, Cindy Lauper-In high school a friend had concert video of Cindy’s that we watched multiple times a day. She rocks!

8) Chicken-N-Beer, Ludacris-The whole album, its classic! I can’t pick 1 song. Reminds me of a crazy weekend trip to Canada when I was 20. You don’t have to be 21 to drink in Canada.

9) Chronic 2001, Dr. Dre-Again a whole album. Senior year '01 rolling in the 73 Super Beatle!

10) Toxic, Britney Spears- It’s Britney Bitch.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday!

Linking up with Ashley for...

1) This was mine and Ben's 1st house! We bought it when we were 21 and not even married yet! So many great memories and drunken night there! We sold it 2 years ago and the people that bought it just don't take care of it. It's hard to see it now.
2) Friday night when Layla and I were driving home, into a huge rain storm
3) Layla's school picture
4) Becca and Russ at Elk Fest Saturday night
5)Russ & Ben
6) Ben driving and part of me
7) Our Friday night plans: Getting tipsy with Ben and making a video to submit to HGTV

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Randoms!

Happy Friday!

• First off this week has been super rainy and cold! Wednesday it was 39 degrees when I was driving to work! WTF! That’s 7 degrees from snow! In June! Not cool Spokane, not cool.
• The weather normally doesn’t affect me or my moods, but this past week it has put me in a major funk!

• We have a kid sitter Saturday night. I’m pretty excited about this, were going to hit up Elk Fest and possibly meet up with one of Layla’s teacher aids.  Elk Fest has nothing to do with elk this was last year:
• Speaking of meeting up with Layla’s teacher aids… From the wonders of Facebook I found out we went to the same high school, she just went there a year after me. This is weird cause Ben and I went to a really small high school in a really small town. Months ago we were out at a Club (which never happens) and I had a little too much to drink, getting down shaking my groove thing and I hear Hey Layla’s Mom! So embarrassed! I might have left right then… (I did, and left my friend Joey) Anyways we’ve since become close and she’s really cool. & promised not to call me Layla’s mom while I’m out :)

• My older brother is going to be a Dad in less than a month. This is exciting and terrifying. He’s 31 going on 9, everything is about him, he doesn’t have a solid relationship with the baby Momma, and I kind of think he thinks the baby will be a 3 year old when it’s born. But he’s so happy and excited about it, it’s really cute. Ben was of course excited about Layla but I think he was more freaked out and scared then anything.

• I bought 6 boxes of cereal yesterday for $11. Yay for local stores with cereal sales! & I checked out in the deli and bypassed checkout lines that wrapped around the store & women with carts overflowing with cereal.

• We have zero friends with kids. Well we now have a few friends that are pregnant but no friends that had a kid almost 4 years ago. So I am thinking about inviting Layla’s preschool class to her birthday party. When I picked her up the other day I counted all their names on their jacket hooks… 19?! WHAT?! I have never seen 19 kids in that class. Here’s hoping only 2 or 3 show up.

Have a fab weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…
Source: Via Krista

Pinning lots for Layla’s 4th birthday!

Is 11am too early?

Thinking about painting our trailer, pink would be prefect!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend in Pic's

This week linking up with Ashlee & Savanah

Saturday we went down to Art Fest, here's Layla getting her face painted

1: Layla had to take her purse shopping with us Sunday. She was so cute with it!
2: Friday night before my Ladies came over. The house was lookin clean and smellin fresh!
3: Layla at dinner Saturday night. Right before this I called 911 on a Bum Fight...
4: Ben at Art Fest
5: Me and Layla's puppy Kia chillin at Art Fest
6: Being a Goof Ball