Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Back!

So I missed the SUYL... Vacation was crazy busy! But more on that later. I am finally done with party craziness August! The last party was a Bridal Shower for BBF Becca. Get ready for some pictures!

Prep! Gluing tea cups together, this one was my favorite!

A super cute banner I that was made by Pluff Mudd Studio's she also made the invitations.

Table set up, right before the guests showed up the wind blew and knocked over a lot of my glued teacups.

A few more of the table and a few guests. The guest of honor is i the white hat.

The night before the party at oh about 10pm I realized Ben had forgotten the tables he was supposed to borrow from his work. Panic mode set in but after some creative thinking, a dresser, a table top and  two speakers we were able to figure it out.

The food table, made with an old table top and two speakers

Drinks! This is going to be Layla's dresser but I haven't gotten around to refinishing it yet. So I lined the top drawer with extra table plastic cloth and filled it with ice and drinks. It was a big hit!

TP dresses!

Becca and I have known each other since the 6th grade. My Dad and Step mom were sweet and sent her a huge flower bouquet!

All in all it turned out well. It was extra hot that day so we were fanning with some plates but everyone had a great time!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I need help...

With this wall:

I am at a complete loss with it. It looks a little different currently, there is a tall lamp next the the table but other then that it is what it is. The mirror looks high but it's not in real life.

A few things:
  • The love seat has to stay in that spot
  • The opening to the left is the dining room and kitchen
  • The opening to the right is our main bathroom
  • The mirror can move or go away
  • The little box high on the left is the door bell I believe, I can paint it but it has to stay for now.
  • "Soon" the trim and doors will be white.
I am open to any suggestions!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Posting will be non existence next week. My Dad, Step mom and (basically little sister) Angel get here tomorrow night! I am off of work Friday and all next week! But I do have a post planned for Friday, to join in my first SUYL at Kelly’s Korner! Friday is Bridal Shower Ideas. And with the Mad Hatter Bridal Shower being just a few weeks ago I thought I would share my ideas.
Hope you have a fabulous week!

Monday, August 8, 2011

3rd Birthday!

Not sure if  I mentioned this before but Leo's take over my life! My husband (8/2), my BFF Bec (7/24) my Momma (8/11) my Step Momma (8/21) and my Layla (8/15)! The end of summer is a very busy time for us! Adding to it this year is BFF Bec's bridal shower (8/27)!

Layla's favorite color is blue and months ago she asked for a blue birthday party. (How fun is it, when they start asking for a birthday theme?!) I thought about it for awhile and decided to go with a Blue Bubble 3rd Birthday Party!

Here's a sneak peek, her invitations:

I found these on Etsy made by Pluff Mudd Studio's the invite started our colorful but the Seller was great to work with and changed it to fit the blue theme! Again I printed them at Vista Print on note card size card stock. They turned out perfect!  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Swim Classes

Last night was Layla's last night at Swim Classes. I'm pretty bummed about it and a little annoyed with myself that I waited until August to start these. We could do the last 2 week session that would start Monday the 8th but we have family coming into town in town the 11th-18th, I start vacation on the 12th and were headed to Seattle the 17th-20th. So she'd miss a few days... I am thinking about looking into our local YMCA's and seeing what memberships and indoor swim classes would be there.

Layla Lou enjoying her last day of swim class:

Walking out on the diving board!!! Notice the huge slide next to her!

And that splash is Layla coming off that big slide! She was the only kid in the Preschool 1 class that wanted to do it. Brave Girl!

Have a great weekend! We are headed to a local theme park to celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Train Ride!

Layla has recently become obsessed with trains. I don't know where she gets it from, I don't mind them if they are just going along but they annoy me when they mess up my drive to or home from work. Fun fact: I have the chance to get stuck at 3 trains to or from work. It's lovey.

I've known about the Ione Train Ride for quite a long time but had never had to chance to go. Until Sunday! After Ben's birthday party we woke up early and headed to get Layla from my Mom's and drove an hour and a half to Ione, WA. (It's a tiny town just 22 miles from the Canadian border)

About the Train Ride:
For six weekends a year during summer and fall the North Pend Oreille Lions Club Excursion Train Ride showcases some of the most stunning scenery in the Pacific Northwest as it runs along the Pend Oreille River between Ione & Metaline Falls, where you will be treated to a staged train robbery while the locomotive is turned around. It's something not to be missed, and draws many visitors to the area every year.

Via We rode in one of the Yellow and Blue cars!

About to leave the Station! Little Miss is very excited!
(you can kind of see a guy behind Layla and Ben, there was a group of about 13 older couples and they boarded the train with ice chests FULL of beer and drank no less then 4 each...)

Box Canyon Dam and a very tall bridge we stopped on

Never afraid of anything! Looking over the edge...

Another view of the damn

We also got "held up" by some hitch hiking train robbers. We had to give them some change so they would let us go. It was a lot of fun! They do Fall train rides to see the changing colors, we can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beer Party!

Saturday night was Ben’s Beer Tasting Birthday Party! It was a lot of fun! It wasn’t exactly sure how the tasting would work, so I just kind of winged it. I had three stations set up for Lager, Ales and Darks/Stouts each with a bucket with ice, a opener and some cups. I just said if you see something you want to try open it up and pour some in a glass! Easy!
Here are the invitations; I used Vistaprint who was amazing! Very easy and quick. This was actually a premade template that I just customized to what I needed.

The 3 Stations

Desserts, I kept them easy just Ben's Guitar Cake and cookies

I made these cute labels for all the food!
It was a great time! I will post some more of the party pictures later. Again I got the idea for this party here and then added my own spin on things. It's a little insane all the beer we have left over...