Friday, August 27, 2010


I am amazed that my tiny 5lbs 12ozs baby girl is now 2! I am amazed that she went to wearing preemie clothes for the first month of her life to being a toddler who walks, talks, yells, hugs, kisses, tells me she loves me and well she does just about everything!

In honor of Layla Louise turning 2 last week here are some pictures of her! I'll add another post about her Abby Cadabby birthday party next week, it was awesome!

4 days old:
This is one of my favorite pictures ever! I love how tiny she is and how sleepy her new Daddy looks.
One Month:
With Daisy, I love this picture because even now that is her favorite doll. She sleeps with her every night!
Mad cause Mommy wouldn't give her the camera
Almost her 1st Birthday!
Happy 1st Birthday!

Just a few days ago, lookin cool with her sunglasses on wrong
On her birthday swing with Daddy

My Layla Bean, you have made the last two years of my life the best years ever! Every time I look at you I am reminded that I am meant to be your Mommy!

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