Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wants, Upstairs Addition

Here are some things I want for the upstairs right now. None of them are in the budget right now but I can dream.

Hardwood or Laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room. Right now the kitchen has very 70’s vinyl and the dining room is carpeted… Which doesn’t work well with a toddler.

To do something with the fire place. I don’t know what but something…. Here “he” is we’ve named him Rockford do you see his face?
(This was taken when I was painting;see the pretty nacho cheese color on the left? I've also painted the inside of the fireplace with high heat paint all black it looks much better

New appliances for the kitchen! In our old house we had just finished replacing all the appliances then put the house on the market and included all the brand new appliances. I miss them so much. I might have cried over them once… or twice.

Pant our bedroom and Layla’s. (which is in the budget but I need to find time to do it) Layla’s room was super cute in the old house, lavender and white everywhere! Now it’s white and lavender a few places. I’m thinking big horizontal stripes that go lighter in color as they go up. Does that make sense? So dark lavender on the bottom, lighter lavender, lightest lavender then white coming down a bit and white ceiling… This is Layla’s boring room now:

Warning: the rooms are messy, I took quick pic's last night with my cell phone.

Our room has some weird faux finish on the walls… Like textured to look plastered. Here’s a pic:

Not digging the orangey/yellow color…

I think that is it for the upstairs! Now if anyone would like to send large donations we can get this all done!

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