Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

Busy weekend ahead of us! First off, growing up in the Arm Pit of California (Fresno) I can't remember a time not being able to swim. It was/is so freaking hot there my childhood was always in a pool, river, lake, slip in slide tarp (yeah I was cool) some sort of water! A few weeks ago when we took Layla to the Aquatic Center and she was timid in the pool and not having a great time, my heart sank. I love being in the water and wanted her to love it too...

Flash forward two weeks later and after her first week of swim classes, my girl is HOOKED! And I could not be more proud! (She actually had a fit today when she realized she didn't have a swim class)

Look at those ice cream scoops & leg kicks!

Loving the water!

And since tomorrow is Ben's birthday party (actual b day is Aug. 2nd) Here's one of the signs I made for the tasting tables. I can't remember if I saw this somewhere and made my own/copied it or if I was a genius and thought of it myself!

Have a great weekend!!!

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