Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Wreath

Last night I had about 15 minutes after dinner and I decided the make a cute wreath that I had seen on Thrifty Decor Chick, it's super simple and she has a great tutorial here

Yesterday on my lunch break I ran to the $1.00 store and bought these and a simple 8x10 frame.

I bought 3 packages but I only used maybe a full one, but it was nice to have the different colors in each bag.

About 15 minutes and a few hot glue gun burns later I had this one my front door:

I really like it! I think the fall colors look great on my black door.

And a little follow up on project that I think is going to be the death of me:
Painting the fake rock fire place. I haven't gotten far, and it's freaking hard! It's more of a gray color then what the picture shows, so far I am indifferent about it. I kind of like it and I kind of don't. We'll see if I finish it or just tear it down and start over with drywall and tile maybe.

Have a great weekend! Were headed camping! It will more then likely be our last trip out, it's already starting to get cold in the PNW.

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