Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm not sure when life got so busy! I think it happened when my BFF got engaged... (Two weeks until the wedding!) Or when I had a baby 3 years ago. Anyways since my last post, I've thrown the best Bachelorette party on earth, gone camping, met a super cool new couple friend, worked a lot, played a lot, celebrated some birthdays and painted a huge chalkboard!

I know it's not a new thing around the blog world but it took me forever to talk Ben into letting me paint a wall in our kitchen into a chalkboard. It's been done since last Thursday and we've been having a blast with it.

This is what we started with, I painted the little chalkboard awhile ago and it had a big frame around it. We quickly realized it wasn't enough! When my Dad & Step Mom were here in August they convinced Ben that we needed the whole wall covered!
(Layla loves to see her name written out! She has a thing for "L's" and writes them everywhere!)

I kept a small boarder about it. Here's Layla trying it out. The big mess in the middle is where the little one was.

My first Masterpiece! I have a thing for Palm Trees, reminds me of growing up in CA.

I've also started a little fall decorating that I hope to finish up tonight or tomorrow. And I have plans to paint this dude:  Rockford you are driving me crazy!
(Taken while we were painting the walls I do not miss that nacho cheese color!)

It's not real rock, and I figure if it turns out awful I'll take it off and drywall it! My awesome Step Dad (I got super lucky with step parents) is in the process of making me a mantel! I can not freaking wait!

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