Monday, December 12, 2011

Lights @ Mainto

Friday night we went to Manito Park to see 30,000 lights! It was cool but left us wanting more. We thought the whole park was going to be covered with lights but they only had a green house that was decked out. It got us out of the 15 degree weather (holy burr) and we walked around some pretty lights:

(Excuse Layla's hair, it was up really cool before she went to school something must of happened to it though)

After that we drove down our Christmas Tree lane which... sucked! I thought it was a given that if you lived on a street called Christmas Tree Lane you had to go all out. Yeah not so much.  After that we went to dinner then home to clean. Saturday my Mom picked up Layla and Ben and I headed to Elkins Resort for a very beautiful winter wedding! More on that tomorrow…

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