Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Wedding in the Snow!

Saturday our really good friends Rick and Jenn got married at Elkins Resort on Priest Lake. It was beautiful! And oh so cold but way more beautiful and fun! Saturday morning my Mom and Tom came by so Tom could finish my fireplace mantel! (YAY!!!) And so they could go shopping and watch Layla for the night. Around 11am Ben and I started the 2 hour trek to Priest Lake. This lake is amazing! Rumored to be so deep they’ve never found the bottom of it! Also rumored to have vacation homes to Tom Cruise and Ben Stein. Anyways it’s awesome!

The view at the lodge!
Once we got there we were happy to already see a lot of out friends out and about. We rented Cabin #4
·         3 Bedrooms: 3 Queen Beds, 1 Double Bed
  • Sleeps up to 8 people.
  • Creek side cabin
  • Fireplace
We shared the cabin with Becca, Toby, Russell and Joey. I literally walked in and my smile did not leave my face for days! It was so much fun! Once the rest of the group got there we started to pre funk and dance around the cabin!
The ceilings were SO short in this cabin! It was crazy! It made me feel tall!
The wedding was supposed to start at 4pm but really started around 5ish not a big deal at all. We were all having a great time! The wedding was so beautiful! I love it when the Groom cries; I think it is the sweetest thing! (Ben, for the record did not cry)
Lovely Bride!
After the wedding we enjoyed some amazing food and drinks, followed by some cabin hopping and a bon fire by the lake! An amazing night! A great little get away for everyone! 

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