Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

Trying to get back in to the swing of blogging. I have been such a slacker!

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This weekend we took Layla up to GreenBluff to our favorite Pumpkin Patch Knapp's. We go every year but since we had gone to the Corn Maze last weekend we were going to skip it. I'm glad we changed our minds!
1) Layla in the wheelbarrow
2) Layla sitting on a pumpkin. It was chilly up there!
3) Standing in the tractor wheel! I have a picture of her in this same wheel from last year, I need to compare the two.
4) In the horse buggy
5) Layla with her pumpkin and a tiny one we picked for her Little Brother
6) Our family of pumpkins

Last weekend, we went to the Incredible Corn Maze! My co worker and I had won some tickets from a local radio show and we decide to take our families together! We got legit lost... But it was ton of fun!
1) Kayla and Layla. I love this picture, I can picture them in their teens with their little coffees. They are 6 weeks apart... Yeah Layla is short like her Momma!
2) Lou hiding out!
3) How many kids can we fit on one stroller?! Layla, Maddie, Kayla and Mica
4) Corn... for days.
5) Ben and Lou
6) Little legs get tired easily!

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