Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally Friday!

What is this 3 posts in a week?! That’s pretty good! This weekend is going to be busy! I love how summers do that, every weekend is jam packed!
Tonight we are going out for Friday night dinner. Around 8 we have some our friends Adam and Sasha are coming over. We’re going to have a little couple’s game night. Saturday we hope to clean out some flower beds and plant a few seeds. (lol that sounds… interesting) at 2pm we have a 1st birthday party to go to! After that we have a Grad party to go too… I’m hoping we can make it to the grad party, but not holding my breath since two parties in one day is a lot for Ms. Layla. And then since 2 parties wasn’t enough Ben has a bachelor party to go to Saturday night.
Sunday is Father’s day! I’m going to let Ben sleep in and make him breakfast. Besides that a little grocery shopping and laundry is all that is on the list!
Enjoy the weekend! Hope it’s nice!!
And to end this post with a cool picture, Layla’s school had them draw themselves and then you could purchase the class pictures on different things. I got a mouse pad, here’s Layla’s self portrait.  

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