Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Parties & Weekend Round Up!

This weekend Ben went on his works annual camping trip, which sounds like a company event and that families should be invited but it’s not. It’s a bunch of guys from his work that go camping together and have a weekend drunk fest. I’m totally fine with some girl time though! Friday night Layla and went out to dinner with my friend Kaylene, it was interesting… When I picked Layla up from school the first thing her afternoon teacher said, she didn’t nap very and has been pretty grumpy… Great we already had plans! We only had one time out and she did fairly well. I’m always nervous going out to dinner with someone who doesn’t have kids with my kid!
Saturday: My mom came and picked Layla and I up. A town about 15 minutes away was having town wide yard sales! AMAZING! I got absolutely no pictures but I got a bar cart for outside $5.00, 4 patio chairs $10.00 and a ton of brand name barely worn clothes for Layla.  After that we went to a quick lunch cause Ms. Layla was getting close to break down mode. When we got home we were walking up our front steps, I was holding Layla and my flip flop caught on the top on a stair and down we went! Luckily I didn’t fall on her but she fell into the next step with her back. Agh I felt awful! She’s fine; I’m fine just a little bruised. After my Mom left and she was down for a nap I had a little breakdown about it.
Sunday: Ben came home! We just hung and were really lazy! In the evening we washed my car and the tent trailer. After Layla went to bed I watched some Real Housewives Reunion and passed out!
Parties! My life is consumed by parties right now! From friends birthday parties to Ben and Layla’s birthdays to a bridal and bachelorette party! I am in the process of planning 5 different parties right now!  4 of which are happening in August! Its nuts! Luckily I always start planning Ben and Layla’s birthday’s way in advance. There birthdays are 13 days apart and I want both of them to feel special! Agh, good thing I like to make lists!

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