Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Back!

So I missed the SUYL... Vacation was crazy busy! But more on that later. I am finally done with party craziness August! The last party was a Bridal Shower for BBF Becca. Get ready for some pictures!

Prep! Gluing tea cups together, this one was my favorite!

A super cute banner I that was made by Pluff Mudd Studio's she also made the invitations.

Table set up, right before the guests showed up the wind blew and knocked over a lot of my glued teacups.

A few more of the table and a few guests. The guest of honor is i the white hat.

The night before the party at oh about 10pm I realized Ben had forgotten the tables he was supposed to borrow from his work. Panic mode set in but after some creative thinking, a dresser, a table top and  two speakers we were able to figure it out.

The food table, made with an old table top and two speakers

Drinks! This is going to be Layla's dresser but I haven't gotten around to refinishing it yet. So I lined the top drawer with extra table plastic cloth and filled it with ice and drinks. It was a big hit!

TP dresses!

Becca and I have known each other since the 6th grade. My Dad and Step mom were sweet and sent her a huge flower bouquet!

All in all it turned out well. It was extra hot that day so we were fanning with some plates but everyone had a great time!

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