Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nail Polish!

I freaking love to paint my nails! Like love it! I make a big “to-do” about it, get comfy (normally in bed), make sure I pee, turn on some trashy TV (Tuesday it was 90210) and paint! It’s really calming to me, unless I’m doing the backwards French tip which I am having a hell of a time figuring out. I think I need to paint the bottom coat one night then the top coat the next cause I can never seem to let it dry enough. Anyways lately I have been doing an accent nail; I’m kind of digging it.
Yeah I need some clean up, but it was like 10:30pm when I finished last night. I need to start earlier. It's a deep purple with a purple and blue sparkle on the accent nail.

I keep my nails pretty short, my brother is a janitor and he has me freaked out about stuff getting under them. Thanks, Eddie!  

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