Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Update #2

A little baby update:

How far along? 17 wks tomorrow. 
Maternity clothes? Pants all the time... And I need some new shirts...

Stretch marks? Nope, just old really faded ones from Layla. -Same as two weeks ago

Sleep: Meh, it's not so good.
Best moment this week: Feeling more kicks!

Miss Anything? Not gonna lie, I miss drinking. Lol -Same as two weeks ago
Movement: A lot more kicks lately.

Food cravings: PB&J
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still this one: The bathroom air fresher at my work. It’s Febreze Spring something. Holy S it’s awful! & people use way to much of it!

Gender: This week I have no idea. 

Labor Signs: Zero

Belly Button in or out? In...

A week from Wednesday we have find out what were having! Hopefully, I have a feeling were not going to see the goods... And if we don't then it's meant to be for us to wait. I'm excited to take Layla to this appt though, I think she'll enjoy actually seeing the baby in Mommy's tummy.

Have a great weekend!

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