Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Update!

A little baby update:

How far along? 15 wks tomorrow.

Maternity clothes? Pants all the time... Agh I don't even like to say that! I feel like I look 30 weeks!

Stretch marks? Nope, just old really faded ones from Layla.

Sleep: When I'm out, I'm out. But my hips have been bothering me since we tent camped last weekend so falling asleep as been hard.

Best moment this week: My sweet friend Cheryl (she works at Layla's school but we used to work together like 5 years ago) said I looked really cute and was just all belly! Even though I think it was fib, it was still sweet.

Miss Anything? Not gonna lie, I miss drinking. Lol

Movement: It's still early but I have felt a few baby moves, it’s the best!

Food cravings: Not really... I really wanted some Tropical Skittles yesterday.

Anything making you queasy or sick: This weird smell in my shower, that no one else can smell so it's just me. But agh I hate it! Also another bathroom related thing, the air fresher at my work. It’s Febreze Spring something. Holy S it’s awful! & people use way to much of it!

Gender: I'm thinking girl. We have decided to not find out but now that I am weeks away from being able to know, I kind of want too. I have a baby appt today and I think they will have me schedule the appt for it.

Labor Signs: Zero

Belly Button in or out? In...

Wedding rings on or off? Wanta know I secret? My wedding rings have never fit correctly since I had Layla. And I've never gotten them fixed cause I kept thinking oh I’ll be pregnant again in no time. Yeah... So I always wear a beautiful ring my Momma gave me towards the end of my pregnancy with Layla. It's still on.

Mood: Happy and tried! And a little anxious.

Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat again today, and taking Layla to the next ultrasound.

& some Pictures:

I'm making a dumb face for some reason... & it's black and white to hide my awful roots...
& the baby! This was from the 22nd, sweet little Peanut!

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