Tuesday, September 11, 2012


First off, an update from the Baby Update… We’ve decide to find out what were having! Lately I’ve been having a really strong boy feeling and started getting stressed about having him and not having anything for him. Now I kind of feel like I’m letting myself down cause I really wanted the surprise in the delivery room. But oh well, there will be plenty of other surprises that day.

Baby names are impossible. It was so easy with Layla. This time not so much.

We had the worst day with Layla on Saturday. Holy someone took my sweet girl and replaced her with a screaming meanie. Bed time could not come fast enough!

Ben started a new job yesterday, in the same Co. but a different position. It’s better pay, more advancement and he gets to rock business casual! Oh yeah!

I want to be a part time stay at home Mom when Baby #2 comes. I’d like to work like 3 days a week so I can still get my health insurance and some shopping money. But two babies in Daycare even part time might not make it possible.

Ben didn’t plug my phone in for me last night; yes he does this for me every day. So now I only have a little battery life! How am I going to check my things all day? He did make me lunch though and wrote my name in a heart on the foil.

My new co worker wears her hair the exact same way every day. & doesn’t bless me when I sneeze.

& some random pic’s to go with this random post.

Layla looking cute Reppin the Seahawks! Even though we lost.
My Krista Sandwich
It was coooold this morning!!! It's officially fall and that makes me giddy!

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