Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Still Pregnant!

Still rockin’ this very large baby bump! This boy is in there for the long haul. My due date is Saturday and I know it will come and go with no little boy to show for it. I'm actually kind of ok with it. Kind of... I'm uncomfortable and all but knowing this is my last pregnancy I feel like I can hold out a little longer. I'm going to miss his kicks.

Other things that have been going on in our life? I'm a straight up addicted to Candy Crush. This F-ing game! Currently stuck on level 33... Days.

A little picutre mash up of latey:

1) Jack's pack n play all set up and ready to go in our room. Just waiting..

2) Layla and I spent time with my favorite (& only) nephew a few Monday's ago. She is so sweet and gentle with him! Even letting him play with her beloved Kia.

3) Layla and I got mani/pedi's! I think I might have got it done a little early since I have 1 toe that is messed up. I really wanted pretty feet for labor. That's really important.

4) Ben and Layla wrestling... I think she's winning.

5) A sweet little Crabby blanket that Ben HAD to get for Jack.

6) I'm not getting a new swing for Jack. Sorry, kid. So I am trying to make Layla's very pink swing manlier for him. I was going to just buy a mobile for it to replace the hanging butterflies but $30+ for something I could make for less then $5. No way! I made this elephant one in about 20 minutes.

7) Before Valentine's day I told Ben, "Let's get Layla a Princess CD!" Omg why did I think this was a good idea?! These songs haunt my dreams.

8) Italian Soda and Sunshine!!!! I forgot how good these things are!!!

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