Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend Update

Just a day late, no big deal!

I am flipping exhausted lately! Both Friday and Saturday night I was in bed and passed out by 9pm. Yeah, I'm super cool.

Saturday morning we got up and out of the house early to go pick up our Co Op Veggies. Do you do anything like this? This is only the second time we've done it, the last time was in August and I feel like we got more for our money then. But it is Winter in the Northwest so I can guess that fruits and veggies are hard to come by. Anyways, I found this website Bountiful Baskets through my friend Jen. They do these all over the country so if your looking for something like this, check our the website. A little info about it:

BBFC is a group of people who work together for mutual benefit. This is a grassroots, all volunteer, no contracts, no catch co-operative. Since there are no employees at Bountiful Baskets, we as a group pay rock bottom prices on your food. This also means the co-op would not happen without volunteers. Each week different items will be in the Bountiful Basket! We base the basket contents on what is in season, high quality, good value, and local. 50% Fruit, 50% Vegetables & 100% healthy & delicious!
This is what was in our "basket" this week! I need to figure out something to do with those monster yams.

After picking up our Veggies we were already in town so we went to breakfast and shopping. Perfect Saturday!

Sunday was nice and easy. We set up Jack's Pack n Play, cleaned house and just hung out together. Before the Super Bowl started I went down to my Brother's house for a little bit, but was home in time to watch the half time show. Which I thought Bey rocked!
Random pictures from the rest of our weekend. I'm trying to turn our VERY Pink swing into something Jack won't be embarrassed to swing in. Cause you know newborns care about that kind of thing. Layla growling at me, she was a Dino. Next row, our early morning trip to our Fav Coffee Stand Sunday morning. I had a craving for some of my Great Grandma's biscuits! Oh they were good! And Jack's pack n play!

Now it's another work week, blah. But as of today I only have 17 more work days until my due date! Hell yeah!

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