Friday, November 19, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday...

I am joining in on Fill in the Blank Friday over at it's the little things we do. It's Thanksgiving themed and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays so here we go!

1. My Thanksgiving plans this year will include: Eating a ton! And celebrating our first thanksgiving in our new house!

2. My favorite Thanksgiving Was the first year I hosted and did it all by myself! I went a little over the top but it was a lot of fun!

3. My signature Thanksgiving dish is Hum... I would say mashed potatoes; the Hubs would say stuffing and our good friend Jen would say sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows and brown sugar!

4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is Can I pick all of it? If not it would have to be mashed potatoes or green bean casserole. Yeah I can't pick one.

5. Thanksgiving free association! Turkey, decorating, friends, family, beer, thankful, love!

6. Thanksgiving is. Awesome! I love when I can have all my closest friends and family over for a big sit down dinner!
7. I am thankful for Layla, Ben and all my friends and family! That we have a warm house to come home to and lots of love!

Have a great weekend everyone! I think we are going to be pretty chill, hoping the Kiddo can make it staying up a little late tonight to see Santa light up our downtown Christmas tree!

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  1. I can't pick a favorite Thanksgiving food either!