Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Round Up with Cell Phone Pictures

Happy Tuesday! Here's our weekend round up!

Friday: Ben, Layla and I all had the day off! It was supposed to be a fun day of coloring Easter eggs, planting something and just hanging out! I had a great idea to run into town and get my hair done at 9am, I knew I wanted all over color so I didn't think it would take very long.... 5 hours later. Background: I get my very long hair done at a hair school. I used to have a regular hairdresser but she fell off the deep in and everyone else I tried charged me a ton because of the length of my hair. So hair school it is, they charge $32.00 for all over color and a cut. Normally it turns out great but this time they messed it up. I wanted a chestnut brownish color (I'm normally very blond) it ended up a orange/green mess!!! Luckily they always re do it for free, but to cover up the mess, I now have really dark hair. After that I went home and did what we were supposed to do, colored eggs and planted a tomato plant! Later I went and had some girl time at a PartyLite Party. And saw these in the catalog: So cute! $39.95... Partylite kills me! Way to expensive! But if you spend $40.00 you get 1 thing half off! Yeah, they always get me. And since I need a pair, I am now having a party to get the other one 60% off.

Saturday: Ben woke up not feeling well, we already had plans to go to an Easter Egg Hunt that our Realtor was putting on so Layla and I went by ourselves.

On the way there she's a goof!

Playing, her hair looks so cute! She never lets me do it!

Face Painting!! She sat so still!

Getting ready to get those eggs!!!

& on the way home, she had too much fun 
It was such a great day! The weather was perfect and Layla had a lot of fun!

Sunday: The Easter Bunny Came!
We also went out to lunch with my parents. Then after a family wide nap we went and flew my Mom's Easter present to Layla, a kite! I don't think I have ever flown a kite before... I guess I was sheltered.

Daddy & Layla trying to figure it out

Layla watching it. She kept saying, It's so high Momma!!!

Busy weekend as always! This week my Grandma and Grandpa are driving up from CA to spend a few days with us! Can't wait! The last time they saw Layla was 2 years ago at Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful week!!!

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