Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dying Curtains

The other day we were grocery shopping and almost done when I said I want some fabric dye! After I painted Layla's room I couldn't find curtains I wanted, so I bought some plain white ones. Then at one of my weekly Target trips I found a really pretty set of light pink curtains, they were perfect but $24.99 a panel. No thanks. So I bought this for $1.89ish.

I bought the powder dye. Super easy to do, heat 2 cups of almost boiling water (I did it in the microwave) fill both sinks up with enough water that the curtains could move freely, toss the a curtain in each sink and pour 1 cup of dye in each one.

I got a little nervous here, they were bright!

But after they sat in the dye for about 15 minutes I washed them and now they look like this:
(Sorry it was a rainy day when I took these pictures)
This one is the closest to the true color. No pictures of them hanging yet because when we took down the old mini blinds they left pretty big holes, I need to spackle and touch up the paint.

Tomorrow Layla's school is closed for Good Friday, so Mom and Dad are taking the day off! Were going to color Easter eggs and plant something for Earth Day, have a wonderful weekend!

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