Thursday, August 4, 2011

Train Ride!

Layla has recently become obsessed with trains. I don't know where she gets it from, I don't mind them if they are just going along but they annoy me when they mess up my drive to or home from work. Fun fact: I have the chance to get stuck at 3 trains to or from work. It's lovey.

I've known about the Ione Train Ride for quite a long time but had never had to chance to go. Until Sunday! After Ben's birthday party we woke up early and headed to get Layla from my Mom's and drove an hour and a half to Ione, WA. (It's a tiny town just 22 miles from the Canadian border)

About the Train Ride:
For six weekends a year during summer and fall the North Pend Oreille Lions Club Excursion Train Ride showcases some of the most stunning scenery in the Pacific Northwest as it runs along the Pend Oreille River between Ione & Metaline Falls, where you will be treated to a staged train robbery while the locomotive is turned around. It's something not to be missed, and draws many visitors to the area every year.

Via We rode in one of the Yellow and Blue cars!

About to leave the Station! Little Miss is very excited!
(you can kind of see a guy behind Layla and Ben, there was a group of about 13 older couples and they boarded the train with ice chests FULL of beer and drank no less then 4 each...)

Box Canyon Dam and a very tall bridge we stopped on

Never afraid of anything! Looking over the edge...

Another view of the damn

We also got "held up" by some hitch hiking train robbers. We had to give them some change so they would let us go. It was a lot of fun! They do Fall train rides to see the changing colors, we can't wait to go back!

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