Monday, August 8, 2011

3rd Birthday!

Not sure if  I mentioned this before but Leo's take over my life! My husband (8/2), my BFF Bec (7/24) my Momma (8/11) my Step Momma (8/21) and my Layla (8/15)! The end of summer is a very busy time for us! Adding to it this year is BFF Bec's bridal shower (8/27)!

Layla's favorite color is blue and months ago she asked for a blue birthday party. (How fun is it, when they start asking for a birthday theme?!) I thought about it for awhile and decided to go with a Blue Bubble 3rd Birthday Party!

Here's a sneak peek, her invitations:

I found these on Etsy made by Pluff Mudd Studio's the invite started our colorful but the Seller was great to work with and changed it to fit the blue theme! Again I printed them at Vista Print on note card size card stock. They turned out perfect!  

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