Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mix Mash

Hola! Throwing a post together today. I am insanely busy at work! My co worker recently left our bank so our tiny 3 person Credit Card Dept. is now even smaller and tiny-er with just me and my Boss. Anyone want to work in a bank?? Lol, but seriously anyone in Eastern WA?
Ben and his buddy at work were having a beard growing contest. Well his co worker caved and shaved (ha that rhymed) last weekend but Ben hasn’t. I took this trying out a Retro Camera App I downloaded so you can’t really see the hugeness of it but it’s large! I know a lot of women who are anti beard but I really like it. Just maybe a little shorter and trimmed up.

When we ran to Home Depot for Caterpillar Green paint, Layla noticed the orange gates at the end of each row they have to block the rows off. Anyways so were looking at light fixtures and she’s playing with one then we start walking to somewhere else and she runs in front of me to play with another one trips over my shoes and falls face first into the damn gate.
Lots of blood and a fat lip later! Poor Kiddo! She’s totally fine now and by Monday she was excited to get to school and show it off.
And here's Layla's Valentines we made! Melted crayons:
I’m off tomorrow and Monday for Presidents day! Have a fabulous weekend!

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