Friday, February 24, 2012


After a 4 day weekend last weekend 2 days doesn’t seem like enough. Tonight we have plans for dinner out and a stop by Home Depot for primer for the playroom. Extremely dark paneling you are about to get prettied! And I am so excited to get that room put back together! Not sure if you read Our Fifth House, but Carmel posted yesterday about a Kitchen in a Closet. Basically she put her daughters play kitchen in a closet and made it look awesome!  I might have to steal this idea, although the playroom closet is nothing like theirs, I think taking the door off and a sunny paint color would be exactly what it needs!
Saturday we are attacking above mentioned playroom! Saturday night we have friends coming over. And Sunday… Gosh I don’t know! I would love to go pick up my free armoire from my Mom so I can start painting it but we will see!
Have a wonderful weekend!! Were supposed to have a storm roll in tonight! Hoping I wake up to this:
Snowy Spokane! Riverfront Park

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