Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Ugliest Room in my House!

The playroom! Were coming up on 2 years in the Unicorn house and the playroom has always been ugly. It was the room I never wanted to show people… "And here’s the playroom with deep red carpet up the walls and dark paneling…" Yeah. This is real life in a 1970's house!
A couple of weekends ago we started working on it, just painting the paneling for now. Anyways, Ben convinced me that blue would be a great color for the walls. It will totally go with maroon carpet. Ha I don’t even know why I bought the paint!
Yeah not so much…
Last Friday I went and bought primer, we were going to primer the heck out of the paneling and paint it with a nice off white. Brighten the whole room up!
Literally, painting paneling is hell…
I wish I had amazingly beautiful after pictures, but I don’t. 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint later and were still not done. Agh! It’s really looking better but it’s nowhere near where I want it. Honestly I don’t think anything we do is going to matter if that hideous carpet is still there. Here’s a sort of during. About 5pm Sunday night I was over it! We put the room back together decided to finish the rest of the painting slowly.
Agh that carpet! The color on the walls is Behr Apricot White, it has slight pink undertones. I did use some on the blue paint Ben suggested in the closet, since its Ms. Layla’s favorite color.  At this point I’m just over it, you’ve defeated me playroom. I think it’s back to the drawing board time

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