Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's been forever...

Random Post!

I'm cooking a baby, chasing a 4 year old, working and trying to keep up a house. I really do not want to come back to work after I have Baby Brother and I think we can swing it but I need something. I know I won't be able to be home 24-7 so I'm currently looking for something part time...

Layla, My Mom and I went to Seattle this last weekend. It was interesting... I'm about 2 weeks from starting month 9 and it was difficult doing everything by myself. To top it off she had trouble with her asthma and wasn't feeling too hot. We did manage to make it thru the Seattle Aquarium before she got too bad.

This Saturday is my Baby Shower! I know a lot of people do not have showers for second babies, but I assure this is not the norm around here. We do showers for 4th or 5th babies, it doesn't matter. This is my sweet invite! I love chevron! It's very "me"
Other then that I haven’t been up to much. We are working on getting the house de-cluttered and going thru Layla’s baby stuff. I haven’t started a nursery or really gotten anything for Baby Boy besides a few outfits. I’m slacking. It will all come together though! Fingers crossed he doesn’t come early!

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