Monday, January 28, 2013


Some of the decorations I made for my Baby Shower...

And yes, it's true we finally have a name! We've actually had it for about 5 weeks or so...


Yeah his initials will be J.E.M. But he will be Truly Outrageous! So it's ok! This was the hardest decisions I have ever had. It finally came down to it being the only name we could agree on. But after using it for weeks it really feels right.

I like how Jack’s are almost always the good guys in movies and books. We are also pretty big Lost fans. Edward is after my big brother, Edward James (although he goes by Eddie). It just feels like a strong normal name.

The baby shower went off great! A lot of friends and loved ones. Really good food and cake!

The rest of my weekend was pretty chill. We had breakfast out, did a little shopping and finalized the last few things we needed for Jack to make his arrival. I now can have him and he has somewhere to sleep!

More pic's from the weekend:
I finally got a baby book for Jack. I don't care for Peter Rabbit, but this was the only one I could find that wasn't covered in pink and purple.

Ben & Layla at breakfast. I had to make the picture fuzzy cause the guy with the arrow above his head was so creepy looking! Kind of like death...

My nails, I did for the shower.

& baby Boy's name on the chalkboard wall.

Have a great week!!!

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