Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sick Layla Bean

Sorry I have been MIA lately, I have been dealing with a sick kiddo which has now turned into a sick Mommy and Daddy too. Layla has asthma (which lovely me passed down to her) and pretty much any cold or sickness she gets quickly moves to her lungs. After two years of this and my having asthma all my life I know what we need to do. Start nebulizer treatments every 2-4 hours and watch her. If it gets worse we head to the doctor’s and it’s always a round of steroids for a week and she’s good. Normally after the 1st dose of steroids kicks in you can tell a difference. Sunday night was hell, treatments every 2 hours and lots of should we head to the ER? We made it through and Monday morning we headed to the doctor’s. After a quick check out and a treatment we were sent to the ER. And after 6 hours and surprise surprise steroids for a weekend and treatments we were sent home. It makes you feel so helpless, I know what you’re going to give her, and we are extremely capable of getting up whenever we need too throughout the night to give her treatments, medicine whatever! I understand they are trying to help her, but it’s always the same thing. We did this oh about 5 times last year. We also almost always see the same doctor, can’t she remember us? Or at least take better notes as to what happens every time she gets sick?

Anyways Layla is doing great now and we had a great time camping!

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