Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Oh Tuesday, you came so fast. Back to grind. Here’s the recap of our weekend. I don’t know how we ended up so busy…

Friday: I took the day off work but Layla still went to daycare for most of the day. My mom came into town (she lives about 30 minute’s away out in the sticks) and we went shopping!!! I got an amazing start on my Christmas shopping. Our first stop was Goodwill where I found a small coach purse for a $1.99! (I gave it to Layla) and a doll backpack that folds out to an activity mat, again for Layla for .99 cents. I also found a pedestal table for $5.99 it was little and would have made a prefect entryway table. (Which I have been on the hunt for) For some insane reason I didn’t buy it… I went back Saturday to get it and of course it was gone. I am still kicking myself. Our second stop was the Macy’s clearance center. Do you have one of these? Oh they are awesome! Our downtown Macy’s is the only one that has it; it’s up on the 6th floor. I got two big bags of things (mostly Christmas presents so I can’t name them) for $75.00. Next we went to Thai food for lunch and a bunch of other places not really worth mentioning.

Saturday: Hum… what did we do today? Not much we got a great start at cleaning out the garage, winter is coming soon to the Inland Northwest and I refuse to scrape ice and snow off my car in the mornings. Then we went into Sears! And got a new dishwasher and Fridge! So excited about that! I’ll post pictures tomorrow when they are delivered.

Sunday: We had a BBQ for two of our closest friend’s birthdays! Joey’s birthday was the 6th and Jen’s was the 4th. The day started out with Layla and I rushing into town to take Elmer to the groomer, stopping by K Mart and finding 2 more Christmas presents for $4.99 each! Score! And a few clearance clothes for Layla. Cleaning house like a mad lady and everyone showing up at 2pm. It was a great get together! It sprinkled on us a little and the wind picked up but nothing like what was predicted.

Monday: Most of Monday was spent cleaning the house again and doing laundry. Then we went to the mall but only went to JC Penney’s. I got Layla two fall shirts, Ben two pairs of jeans and a shirt and me a new bra. Necessities people.

All in all it was a great weekend! Already looking forward to my next 3 day weekend which I hope to turn into a 4 day weekend! Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend too!

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