Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can’t wait for Spring!

I think the spring bug has hit just about everyone lately! It’s rainy and cold here today and I just can’t help thinking about evenings on the back porch, Layla swinging, throwing the ball for the pooch and working on this guy:
I’ve already introduced Trent Taylor the tent trailer but my Mom and I were talking last night and she got me so excited about camping this year! Almost as excited as I am to bring this guy home he is currently hanging at my Mom’s house; my stepdad was nice enough to build him a lovely lean-to so he’s out of the weather, they have 5 acres so are always storing something for me or my brother. Anyways bring him home and give him some love! I mentioned we bought him at the end of last summer for $400.00 and I have quite a few projects lined up! Painting the cabinets, new fabric on EVERYTHING, a new kitchen table and countertops, new curtains and just about everything else. He’s pretty ugly right now and we plan to have him for quite awhile so he definitely needs a lot of love!
On to something else, I am so ready to have the stairs done! I can’t find a runner and it’s bugging the hell out of me! This morning I have been Googling making my own, out of like drop cloths or something… It’s not looking too promising maybe it the stairs weren’t so high traffic. I’m going to check Big Lots today at lunch and see what they have. I got a fairly large orange and white stripped rug there a few weeks ago for $9.00. It’s worth a shot. Their website says they have rugs from $3.-$12.!
Wow this turned into a big rambling post! Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait! I will have some more pictures of the stairs, I finished painting and they are ready bedsides the runner! Ben loves them! Did I tell you he didn’t like it when I first took the carpet off? He was scared! I love when he’s nervous about something then it turns out rockin!

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