Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Every time I finish painting a room in our house I think I am so much closer to having this house all painted!!! But not really, even after it's done I'll want to change something. (Ben loves this...) Anyways here's a break down of all the rooms we've painted and what we still have left to do or change.

Living Room (or main living area): When we moved in this had recently been painted... Nacho Cheese colored...
Here's a picture just after we moved in. (Rockford the fireplace) That color was the first color to cover up. We painted Silver Leaf over it, which I had hope for a off white but looks just white...
Yeah it looks completely different on my walls...

Kitchen: The kitchen was a weird brown color with very dark brown cabinets. We painted the cabinets Black (Ebony by Behr) and the walls Dolphin Fin again by Behr. I love this color, it looks almost lavender gray.
But I have recently decided that I want my kitchen to be green. Maybe I'll move this color down to the guest room.

Master bedroom: I posted about this awhile ago but it's Dark Ash by Behr. Wow most of my colors are Behr but I rarely buy Behr paint, I normally have it color matched into Home Depot's Speed Dry it runs about $11.00 a gallon.
I really like this color, I think it's sexy.

Layla's Room: Tinkerbell, which I just posted about.

Downstairs: Family Room: It's a Greige color that I can't show a picture of since I had it mixed about 5 times. It started as a Martha Stewart color but I can't remember what it was.
It looks gray here, but it's really not. The white is the Silver Leaf that I had left over from the upstairs.

Guest Room: Is white... Our sellers left all of their paint and they had almost of full gallon of white paint. This is the smallest room in the house and after we moved in I just wanted to get 1 room close to finished. It was hideous with very dark paneling now it's bright and white.

Still to Paint:
  • 3 bathrooms (upstairs, master and guest)
  • Play Room (another all paneling room with red carpet)
  • Kitchen again
  • Stairs

    I did nothing on the stairs last night. We went grocery shopping and then I just wanted to relax. Oh wait I did measure them to know how long of a runner I was going to need. 10 foot by the way. I think I will just get a few smaller ones and make it work, way cheaper.

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