Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Roundup

I haven’t been doing much around the house lately. Besides keeping it clean, I have just been hanging out. I think it’s the weather. Anyways here’s my uneventful weekend:
Friday: After work we met at home and then went to Super Cuts to get Layla’s bangs trimmed and Ben’s hair cut. Then we went to Red Robin for dinner and home since it was bath time. After the kiddo went to bed I laid on the couch and half way watched a movie with Ben.
Saturday: We got up fairly early and got ready for Layla’s pictures, she was a bear! But as soon as she got in front of the camera she turned the charm on and was a perfect little lady! After that we went home for nap time, and Ben and I worked in the yard. We have a bunch of pine trees in our yard so we raked a truck bed full of pine needles. (Look at the picture above, our house is surrounded by them) When Layla got up we went to Target and I bought a bunch of stuff we really didn’t need. Layla got a pillow pet! The Unicorn one. It’s so cute and so amazing soft!

Then we headed home and drove around our neighborhood for a bit. After Layla went to bed Ben went and got us two Red Box movies. How do you know and Cyrus. I did not like either of them and we only made it though about half of both of them. I did enjoy some freshly squeezed Greyhounds though!

Sunday: A usual Sunday for us, we went to lunch at Waddell’s (you might have caught this on Diners, Drive In’s and Dives a few weeks ago March 14th I think...) We’ve been there a bunch and are so excited they are now nationally known! They totally deserve it! (We have the episode saved since one of the guys Ben works with is in it!) Here’s a picture of him there:

Later we went grocery shopping and just hung out. I made a killer stew for dinner and we watched Despicable Me. Super cute movie! (We are a little behind on our movie watching). This coming weekend we are throwing around the idea of going to Missoula MT. for our 4th wedding anniversary (April 6th) but we haven't made a for sure decision yet.

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