Monday, March 7, 2011

Stair Progress!

Good Monday Morning! I have progress on the stairs!!! Not much but a little bit is going a long way! Friday night Ben and I painted the trim and back of the stairs white.

Here's a good before that shows the ugly dark drown trim on the sides of the stairs and the very rough looking backs of the stairs.
Gross! That ugly brown trim is everywhere in my house.

Ahhh here is the after, with nice white trim and white backs of the stairs! It's actually Sliver Leaf which as I've said before is white in my house.

Saturday night Ben went into town to see a band play so I painted a few of the stair tops (I think they are called treads) I only painted every other one since I still have to use the stairs and I needed to stand on one to paint another one. So here's the after with the treads black!

My little helper at the top. I can't believe the difference this is making! I only painted the top set since Ben didn't have time to tape off the bottom set. I hate taping. Tonight I am hoping to get the other ones painted on these and every other one stair on the bottom ones. By Thursday I am hoping to have them all painted and ready for poly!

Also, any tips on mobile blogging? I tried to do it Saturday and it posted to some random blog...

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