Thursday, March 1, 2012

Layla & #Marchphotoaday

Monday morning I had a super rough morning with Layla. I had her all dressed and ready to go went to finish getting myself ready, come back out and she has on a completely different outfit on top of her other outfit. A fight ensued getting her to change and about an hour later I felt like the biggest jerk. Why can’t she wear whatever she wants? Who really cares if it matches? She’s only young once, why can’t she pick out her own clothes? So Monday when I picked her up I let her know she could start picking out her clothes and wear whatever she wanted! (as long as it’s warm, fits, whatever) I honestly think she’s doing great! Here’s this morning’s outfit:

Also I have decided to join in Fat Mum Slim for the March Photo of the Day. Here’s a list of what I’ll be doing. I doubt I’ll blog it every day, but I am planning on tweeting it every day! (@Kristakins_ ) So follow along or join!
Happy Thursday!

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