Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Update #4

How far along? 27 wks tomorrow. Entering month 7 & the 3rd trimester! WOW!
Maternity clothes? All, all the time. I am on a hunt for maternity skinny jeans. I can't seem to find my size anywhere.

Stretch marks? I've noticed a few... I'm not too concerned about them like I was with Layla. They fade. -Same

Sleep: It's alright. I wake up a lot to move positions and pee, but it's not horrible.

Best moment this week: It will be hearing his heartbeat at our monthly check up today! Also finding a bra that I'm not spilling out of! The biggest cup size I have ever bought... 

Miss Anything? My back not hurting & holiday drinks.

Movement: Lots, all the time.

Food cravings: It has been Pumpkin Pie, thank goodness we've now eaten it all!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still this one: The bathroom air fresher at my work. It’s Febreze Spring something. Holy S it’s awful! & people use way to much of it! I think I am going to start using the boys bathroom at work. Or throw that spray away! & sometimes the kitchen first thing in the morning.

Gender: All boy!

Labor Signs: Zero

Belly Button in or out? It's on it's way out...

This was the week of Thanksgiving. I'm getting monstrous.

Have a great weekend!

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