Friday, November 16, 2012


Woop Hello Friday!!! This week has flown by and I couldn't be happier about it! Tomorrow I have an morning date with my Ladies for some of this:

I can't wait! My Bestie Jen and I have gone to everyone together! It's kind of sad it's ending. I mentioned it before but Jen is pregnant too, due 4/6 and today at 10am she finds out what she's having!! Yesterday I texted her this:

Me: TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!! What time is it again?

Jen: What? I thought we were going Saturday and you said 9:30am...

Me: Not Twilight Jennifer!!!!! Your BIG ultrasound!!!
Yeah were kind of excited about it! I love that she thought Twilight was the "big day" I was talking about.

After the movie I have another date with my favorite girl! Layla and I are headed to this:

I might be more excited then she is... She's going to go dressed as Tinkerbelle, even though she's technically not a princess. She's going to love it though! If you follow me on Instagram (@kristakins_) be ready for a ton of pictures!

Have a great weekend!!!

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