Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Extra Snowy Day Off!

Yesterday we observed Veteran’s Day, so I got an extra day off with my Kiddo. And we woke up to about 2 inches of fresh snow! We had a blast playing in it! An epic snow ball fight, a snowy walk around the neighborhood and a funny looking snowman.
All bundled up and ready to go out! This picture made me realize it’s time to change the chalkboard wall.
1) Our silly snowman! He didn’t last very long… As soon as I let the dog out he ran out there grabbed the stick nose and knocked the whole guy over.

2) Layla making a snow angel!

3) 3) Elmer getting ready to catch a snowball!

4) On our snowy walk

5) At lunch, we had a Mommy/Layla date at Old McDonalds (as Layla calls it). She was making a kissy face for me to text to Ben.

6) And last night playing the “Guess how much I love you” game. Guess how much I love you Layla! I love you more than all the snow! Then she goes and it’s normally something really silly like she loves me more than her toes! Last night it was cookies!

Perfect extra day off with my kid!

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