Friday, October 15, 2010

The Last Two Weeks...

Have been hell. Last Monday Ben got a call from daycare that Layla’s asthma was pretty bad and someone needed to come pick her up. Ben was nice enough to leave work and I called and made a doctor’s appt. Once Ben picked her up he realized how bad it really was and they headed to the ER. I quickly wrapped up my desk and headed down to meet them. After the usual a round of steroids and 4 hours we were sent home. Ben stayed home with her again on Tuesday. Wednesday we were getting excited for our trip to Seattle and to see the fishes! Layla was doing much better! Then Thursday hit…. I got a call at work that Layla’s daycare’s license had been suspended and I had to leave work right away to go pick her up. The licensing lady could not tell me anything, other then some allegations had been made against the daycare and they were being shut down for the time being. Sigh… When I arrived at her daycare Layla was the last child there and her providers were upset, there were two ladies there from licensing taking copies of everything. The providers told me their side of what they thought the whole thing was about. Layla and I went home and I started to get really stressed out! Layla has been in this daycare since she was 6 weeks old, they are a husband and wife who run it and they have turned into an extra set of grandparents! Where were we going to take her now? Friday we went on our trip like planned and had a fantastic time! (More about that later! I’ve got some great pictures!)

Monday we had the day off (Yay for working in banking!) and I got a call from basically a social worker, Layla had been named in the investigation as one of the children that had been abused at daycare. WHAT?! The daycare provider’s story had nothing to do with what the investigation was all about. The social worker wanted to come out and talk with Layla. Agh, we finally met with her on Wednesday and got a little more insight into the whole mess. Apparently the allegations say that Layla was pushed by the provider and there was an incident of the providers arguing about who was going to give her, her nebulizer treatment and then Layla never getting it. I honestly do not believe they pushed her, but now that all this is in my head I can’t send her back there. So this week has been full of interviewing new daycares’ on lunches and after work. The more we look the more we realized that Layla should really be in a center type care, with a preschool. She is just too smart to just be watched at someone’s house all day. (Haha yes, I think she is a genius) But a center is going to raise our monthly daycare bill up over $200.00 more then we currently pay a month. This is going to hurt, but be so worth it in the end. Luckily one of my closest friends Aprill is on maternity leave at the moment and even though she lives just about as far away from us as possible she has been watching Layla. Aprill and I were pregnant together; her oldest Makayla is just 6 weeks older then Layla. Yes, their names rhyme.

Today I am off at 12:30pm to take Layla to an allergy testing appointment. And even though I have missed so much work lately, I am excited have most of the afternoon off with my favorite person!

Here’s a picture of my Love right before the aquarium to brighten this post up a bit!

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