Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ssshhh It’s a Secret & Weekend Round Up…

I interviewed for a new job this morning. Same company just a different position and in a different place. I am always on the look for something, something different something to challenge me something to grow into. I’ve been on more interviews then I can count its good practice. I should know something late next week. I’m on the fence as to if I will accept it, if I’m offered it. We shall see!

Anyways here’s my weekend round up:

Friday: Worked, agh then took Layla to my Moms. She was so happy to see Nana and Poppa! Then we headed back into town and had plans to clean house and move a dresser into Layla’s room but one of Ben’s co workers called us and we decided to go meet him for drinks.

Saturday: We woke up late; this started a trend for the day. Went into town and priced some tires for my car. ($560.00 EKK!) Then I dropped Ben off to get his hair cut and I went to Target for a birthday present for my awesome friend Aprill. (Not a typo her named is spelled with two L’s) Then we rushed home and got ready for the road trip to the concert. We got to Aprill and her husband Josh’s hotel around 3pm hung out for a bit then headed to the show! At the Gorge we tailgated for a bit then went to see a fantastic show! Here are a few pictures from the night, the sun was setting and all I had was my phone. After the show we had a very long 2 hour drive home.

Sunday: We had to be at my Moms at 8:00am to get Layla, once we got home it was a lazy day. Playing, naps, grocery shopping and to bed early.

Yesterday Layla had another bout with her asthma that landed us in the ER again. She is at home with Daddy today and doing much better! Hopping she is 100% by Friday because we are headed to Seattle for her 1st big road trip. We’re going to go to the Seattle Aquarium (she is crazy about fish!) and hopefully the Zoo, if the weather is nice. There will also be a trip to IKEA squeezed in there for me!

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