Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap & Meal Plan

Friday: We toured another daycare/preschool at lunch. This one felt good. Ben and I carpooled… I really don’t know why. I wasn’t a good idea, I get off work a ½ an hour earlier then him and coming from dropping Layla off at Aprill’s my exit is after his… But he kept the car. So I got off work at 4 and waited. When he got here we headed to get Layla and finally made it home at 6:00. I had a Partylite party to be at, at 6:30 so I rushed back out of the house. The party was good, wine, food, friends and a few fall candles. After I ran to Target to wonder by myself. I found a cute clearance box:

Saturday: I woke up late for my hair appt. Then spent 4 hours getting my hair done, agh the price for nice hair. When I got home Ben and I finished cleaning out the garage and I can officially park my car in there! It’s amazing! Ben went on a dump run and my Mom stopped by. When Layla got up from her nap we went to Goodwill and bought Ben a snow blower! Went home made English muffin pizzas and put the kiddo to bed. Ben went to a friend’s house and I caught up on some TV and laid in bed. It was nice!

Sunday: We decided on the preschool that we had seen on Friday! YES! So we took Layla to get a bang trim for “school” and to Target to get a few supplies. She is beyond excited to go to school and make new friends! She kept saying “I make new friends Momma!” “Layla’s a big girl, go to school!” It’s too cute. After that the day was spent doing laundry, cleaning, watching the Seahawks sloppily win and barbequing chicken in the wind

Layla starts school on Wednesday, but until then my Mom’s BFF Stacy & my #2 Mom is staying with us to watch her during the days. I hope Ms. Layla Louise doesn’t walk all over her! Friday Layla’s new school is having a Fall Party that I hope to go so we can meet a few of the parents. Ben has his best friend’s wedding rehearsal at 4:30pm so it will just be Layla at I. After that is will be a quick trip to take Layla to my Mom’s and then back into town for my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday party. We have the wedding on Saturday and then taking Layla a few places to trick or treat on Sunday. Probably down to our old neighborhood.

Menu Plans for this week:

Monday: I have no idea… I’m actually thinking of picking up a pizza.

Tuesday: Something quick, were taking Layla to see her new school.

Wednesday: Spaghetti & garlic bread

Thursday: Sweet & Sour Chicken & Rice

Friday: Busy & Out

Saturday: Wedding

Sunday: Whatever

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